The Blacklist Exposed

BLE153 – S7E14 – #126 Twamie Ullulaq

BLE153 – S7E14 – #126 Twamie Ullulaq

The Alaska Triangle is responsible for thousands of missing people over the years. Now it is responsible for Red’s missing goods courtesy of Twamie Ulluluq, a former citizen soldier from the Project Washtub days as well as Agent Park’s backstory. Read More…

BLE152 – S7E13 – #144 Newton Purcell

BLE152 – S7E13 – #144 Newton Purcell

All the sounds of the earth are like music, except for the ones emanating from a server farm.  Apparently that hum can drive a person crazy, even to kill for some peace and quiet. Newton Purcell is that guy but how does it tie into Red’s greater mystery? Read More…


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