In this weeks episode of the Halloween Rewatch, Cory and Nathan let the Danger-tainment begin as they discuss “Halloween: Resurrection.”


Halloween: Resurrection (2002):

On October 31, 1998, Laurie Strode accidentally kills a paramedic with whom her brother Michael Myers had swapped clothes. The guilt-ridden Laurie is now an inmate at the Grace Andersen Sanitarium, where the nurses believe her to be catatonic. Instead, she is preparing for Michael’s return.

On October 31, 2001, Laurie, pretending to be heavily medicated, prepares herself for the inevitable confrontation with her brother. Michael breaches the facility and kills two security guards, decapitating one and slitting the throat of the other as he makes his way to Laurie. After a chase, Laurie lures Michael on to the institution’s rooftop. Although he falls into her trap, Laurie’s fears of again killing the wrong person get the better of her; when she tries to remove his mask, Michael stabs her and throws her off the roof, to her death. His life mission finally complete after more than twenty years of tracking Laurie down, Michael returns home to his abandoned childhood house.

The following year, college students Bill Woodlake, Donna Chang, Jen Danzig, Jim Morgan, Rudy Grimes, and Sara Moyer win a competition to appear on an Internet reality show Dangertainment, directed by Freddie Harris and his friend, Nora Winston, in which they have to spend a night in Michael’s home in order to figure out what led him to kill. On Halloween, equipped with head-cameras as well as the cameras throughout the house, they search the house and separate into three groups. Sara’s messaging friend Deckard watches the broadcast during a Halloween party. Meanwhile, Michael suddenly appears and stabs Bill in the head, and kills cameraman Charlie.

Donna and Jim begin getting intimate in the basement and a wall filled with corpses falls on them. Jim realizes the corpses are fake and the show is a setup. Jim leaves, but Donna notices a tunnel behind the fallen wall. Myers chases her through the tunnels before impaling her on a spike on the wall. At the party, Deckard and other partygoers witness the murder. Deckard realizes that the murder was real, but the others believe it is an act. Freddie goes through the house dressed as Michael, but is secretly followed by the real Myers. Freddie, mistaking Michael for Charlie, tells him to go to the garage and help Nora out; he goes to the garage and promptly kills Nora.

When Rudy, Sara, and Jim find Freddie in the Myers costume, he reveals the scheme to them and begs them to cooperate, telling them that he’s set up a nice payday for all of them. When he leaves, the trio decides to gather up the other three and leave. But before they can, Jen discovers the body of Bill (who was stabbed in the head and vanished earlier) and is decapitated by Myers right in front of Rudy, Sara, and Jim. Rudy and Sara flee, but Jim stays to fend off Myers only to have his head crushed. Michael kills Rudy by pinning him to the door with kitchen knives before chasing Sara upstairs.

Locking herself in a bedroom, Sara begs for Deckard to help her. The other party goers realize that the deaths have not been staged. With Deckard messaging her Myers’ location, Sara escapes and is found by Freddie. Myers finds and attacks them. Freddie is injured and Sara makes her way to the tunnels. She finds an exit near Donna’s body and emerges in the garage, where Myers finds her and starts an electrical fire in the garage. Freddie returns and begins fighting Michael hand-to-hand. When he is overpowered, Freddie instead electrocutes Myers, tangling him up in electrical wiring before carrying Sara out of the burning garage. The Myers house burns to the ground, as Sara thanks Deckard for saving her life.

Michael’s body and the bodies of his victims are then taken to the morgue. As the medical examiner begins to examine Michael’s body, he awakens.


This is definitely a NOT RECOMMEND! The storyline is preposterous and clearly displays a lack of care to deliver something that the fans would want. Although you may be excited to see Jamie Lee Curtis again, they insult you by killing her off at the hands of her brother, something we would argue is the last thing you would want to see after her triumphant victory in H20. Then we’re delighted by Busta Rhymes’ Danger-tainment. A web series so unprofessional, the creator hasn’t even heard of “product placement.” After nearly 25 years of killing, with an emphasis on tracking his family, why Michael would care that some college kids are hanging out in his old house for the night is beyond me. If you wanna laugh your ass off, maybe you’ll get a kick out of those sweet kung-fu moves and zingy one-liners towards the end, but beyond that this film is a waste of time.

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Reboot time! Rob Zombie takes the reins and delivers his take on the iconic original “Halloween”. We hope you’ll join us for the discussion.

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