In this weeks episode of the Halloween Rewatch, Cory and Nathan learn more than they ever wanted to know about Michael Myers as they discuss “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers”.


Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995):

On October 31, 1989, Michael Myers and his niece Jamie Lloyd are abducted from the Haddonfield Police Station. Six years later, on October 30, 1995, Jamie has been impregnated and her baby is born, being taken away by the “Man in Black”, the leader of a Druid-like cult. Later, a midwife helps Jamie escape with her baby and is soon killed by Michael by impaling the back of her skull into a protruding sharp metal spike high on the wall. Jamie and her baby flee in a stolen pick-up truck, with Michael in pursuit. Stopping briefly at a deserted bus station, Jamie makes a call to a Haddonfield radio station to warn them that Michael is about to return home, only to be ignored by the radio D.J. Barry Simms.

Meanwhile, the retired Dr. Sam Loomis is visited by his friend Dr. Terence Wynn, the chief administrator of Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, where Michael had been incarcerated as a boy; Wynn asks Loomis to return to Smith’s Grove. They overhear Jamie’s plea for help on a local radio station. Michael finds Jamie, and she crashes the truck into an old barn. He kills Jamie by impaling her on a corn thresher and turning it on, disemboweling her, but finds that her baby is not in the truck.

Back in Haddonfield, Tommy Doyle, who Laurie Strode babysat in 1978, now lives in a boarding house run by Mrs. Blankenship. The family living in the Myers house across the street are relatives of the dysfunctional Strode family: Kara Strode, her six-year-old son Danny, her teenage brother Tim, caring mother Debra, and abusive father John. Ever since seeing Michael as a child, Tommy has been obsessed with finding the truth behind his motives. He finds Jamie’s baby at the bus station, takes him into his care, and names him Steven. Tommy runs into Loomis and tells him about the Strode family living in the Myers house. The two believe Michael has returned to Haddonfield.

Michael enters his home and kills Debra. Later, Tommy, Kara, and Danny go to the boarding house, where Tommy reveals that he believes Michael has been inflicted with Thorn, an ancient Druid curse. Long ago, one child from each tribe, chosen to bear the curse of Thorn, must sacrifice its next of kin on the night of Samhain, or Halloween. Tommy believes that Steven will be Michael’s final sacrifice. While Tommy goes out to look for Loomis, Mrs. Blankenship reveals to Kara that she was babysitting Michael the night he killed his sister, and that Danny is hearing a voice telling him to kill just like Michael did, indicating Danny also possesses the power of Thorn. Meanwhile, Michael kills John, Tim, Tim’s girlfriend Beth, and Barry Simms. After Tommy returns home with Loomis, the Man in Black reveals himself to be Wynn. The cult take Kara, Danny, Steven, and Michael to Smith’s Grove. There, Loomis confronts Wynn, who reveals he wants to control and study the power of Thorn. Wynn wants Loomis to join in on his conspiracy, and reveals that Jamie’s baby represents a new cycle of Michael’s evil that he kept secret from most of the cult who were focused on inflicting the curse onto a new child (Danny) to carry out a new trend of family sacrifices. Loomis calls Wynn out on his scheme and is knocked unconscious.

Later, Michael butchers Wynn’s team of staff surgeons and Wynn himself during a medical procedure with Danny and Steven sitting in a room next door. Tommy finds and frees Kara, Danny, and Steven; they flee from Michael and hide in a laboratory. Regaining consciousness, Loomis helps Kara and the children escape the hospital. When Michael breaks into the room, Tommy injects him with large quantities of tranquilizers containing a corrosive liquid and beats him unconscious with a lead pipe. As Tommy, Kara, Danny, and Steven leave, Loomis refuses to come with them as he has “a little business to attend to”. Back inside the building, Michael’s mask is seen lying on the floor of the lab room and Loomis is heard screaming in the background, leaving the fate of both characters unknown.


As much as 4 and 5 were a bad idea, story wise, they were still interesting enough to keep your attention. This film is complete nonsense, it’s not good and it’s borderline garbage. This series needs to stop and cut ties with this story line. Michael Myers works way better when you don’t know what he wants, so when we learn that there’s this druid cult ready to spring out and help him complete his mandated task, it becomes silly. We can’t give this a recommend, but if you want to see Paul Rudd give his first performance, you may want to get on this immediately.

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Cory and Nathan plan on keeping up with their previous series Alien vs Predator, and we’ll have our discussion of “The Predator” out as soon as possible.

Next our Halloween Rewatch, we see Jamie Lee Curtis return in fine form for Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.”

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