In this weeks Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom gather around the table for Mom’s home cooking and find themselves hiding for their lives as they discuss season 3 episodes 1 and 2 “The Leap Home” and “The Leap Home Part 2- Vietnam.”

The Leap Home:

Sam finds himself having leapt into the leap of a lifetime, his own sixteen year old body in his old hometown of Elk Ridge, Indiana. Having the chance to see his family again in their prime is not lost on Sam, knowing that their future holds much heartache and sadness, and he tries to change those things, despite Al’s protests.

He tries to change his father’s diet by suggesting healthier foods and cutting out caffeine and smoking, but is met with strong resistance and an angry father who just heads out to get more cigarettes to replace the ones Sam took.

Sam then uses his knowledge of the future to convince his brother Tom that he can predict it, hoping to convince him to not go to war in Vietnam and be killed but it just results in the family seeking their doctor’s advice who boils it all down to a simple small psychosis.

Sam even tries to convince his sister Katie to not marry a man that he knows will end up becoming a drink and wife beater but their exchange ends with his sister crying and fearing her brother dying when he ships out for the war. Al tells Sam that everything he is trying to do is not changing the future, that it is just making their present time worse. Sam decides to tell his family he was just making everything up and runs off, ending with him yelling at God Time Fate or whatever that he quits.

Al helps Sam to see the plus side of being where he is: that even if he can’t change the future, this is a chance for Sam to enjoy his family once again, and to be surrounded by the love and happiness they offer.

Ultimately, at the big basketball game that Al told Sam was actually here to win in order to help, the score is neck and neck. Sam convinces his brother that he will win it if Tom promises to lay low on the day of his death. Unfortunately Al informs him that even though he won the game, Tom still dies and with that Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Elk Ridge, Indiana doesn’t actually exist. However, there is and Elkridge Ranch in Shoals, Indiana.

When the title and date are shown “The Leap Home, November 25, 1969″ the farm in the background is from Field of Dreams (1989). The lights & baseball diamond are also visible.

Lonigro and Mosslick are mentioned as teammates who go onto become doctors because of basketball scholarships.

David Newson, who plays Sam’s brother Tom, later portrays Scott Bakula’s brother on another show, the 2009 series “Men of a Certain Age” with Ray Romano and Andre Braugher.

This episodes unsung hero is Adam Logan playing young Sam Beckett. He was in small parts in a few notable TV series such as “My Two Dads” the year before this and later in the series for “Weird Science”, which was based on the movie. He’s continued to take small parts, fairly sporadically, in the shows like Punk’d, Alias and Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. He recently directed a short film called “Born on a Black Rainbow” back in 2015.

Kiss with History:

Imagine by John Lennon

Al’s Fashion of the Week:

Brought to you by Wikipedia-
Full Dress uniforms are worn for ceremonies such as changes of command, retirements, commissionings and decommissionings, funerals, weddings, or when otherwise appropriate. Full Dress is similar to Service Dress except that instead of ribbons, full-size medals are worn above the left breast pocket, with ribbons worn on the opposite side for decorations without corresponding medals. Swords or cutlasses are authorized for wear by officers and Chief Petty Officers, and may be required for Lt. Commander and above.

The Leap Home Part 2- Vietnam:

Sam finds himself leaping from his younger self into a navy seal named Magic who is part of his older brother Tom’s platoon in vietnam, the day before he is destined to die. Al informs him that his job this time is to ensure that the troop’s mission to rescue a group of POW’S is successful, which may or may not mean the survival of his brother.

Meanwhile, a photojournalist named Maggie comes to the camp and Sam convinces Tom to let her join their covert mission, thinking that once she files the story on the mission, Al can get information from it and guarantee their success. Unfortunately the story was never filed, as Al informs Sam that Maggie will die on the mission.

Sam manages to discover that there is a spy in their midst, one of the Vietcong that had professed to switch sides. Sam saves Tom from the ambush but is unable to save the POWs they were sent to recover. As the troop retreats back to camp, Maggie trips a booby trap and dies, but gives the soldiers her camera. Al says that she does end up winning the Pulitzer Prize posthumously for her final photograph, which Sam looks at and sees a younger Al, presently a POW, and Sam realizes he could have saved him. Tom realizes that times has clicked over and it is now the next day and he is still alive, as he looks to magic, thanking his little brother for saving him, and Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Andrea Thompson Plays Maggie Dawson in this episode. She has also appeared in NYPD Blue, Babylon 5, Falcon Crest, 24 and Jag along with Ernie Lively who plays the Colonel in this episode and Dean Stockwell. She was also in the 1988 film Hot Splash which is available to watch in full on Youtube.

Tia Carrere plays Chu-Hoi. She probably best known for her roles in Wayne’s World, True Lies and Relic Hunter.

Patrick Warburton plays Blaster here. He went on to be in Seinfeld, The Tick and most recently Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix.

This episodes unsung hero is Christopher Kirby. Quantum Leap is his first acting credit and he spent the ‘90’s working between the USA and Australia doing shows like the Aussie classic Neighbours, Flipper, Ocean Girl, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Saddle Club. He also appeared in the movies Queen of the Damned, The Matrix Reloaded, Star Wars Episode III and Daybreakers. Since permanently moving to Australia in 1999, he has most recently appeared in the Wolf Creek TV series, Foxtel Original Series Secret City (alongside Anna Torv) and is in the new release film Upgrade.

Kiss with History:

Obviously, Sam finds himself in the middle of the Vietnam War, which raged on from 1955-1975 before reaching a stale-mate.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “Leap of Faith” and “One Strobe Over the Line”


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