Barry finds himself in a couple of situations in The Flash episodes 7 and 8. On one hand he’s dealing with the crazy world of hippy drug lords and fostering children in “Child’s Play” and then he’s trying to track down a world class assassin in “Shroud of Death”.

Child’s Play:

Barry Allen finds himself playing caretaker to homeless kids Terry Cohan and his sister Cort, the former of which is a juvenile delinquent in possession of research that prompted the assassination of a respected local journalist. Desperate to cover-up those files is Beauregarde Lesko, a hippy radical who faked his own death in 1969 and is now preparing to unleash Blue Paradise, a hallucinogenic drug so addictive it could enslave all of Central City.

Lesko sends his assistant Pepper, who saw Terry steal the disk from the journalist, to try and kidnap him to retrieve the information he has but she fails. Meanwhile, Barry investigates the death of the journalist and once Terry reveals what he stole from the journalist, a journal of his notes helps him realize that Lesko is actually alive. He tracks down Lesko and confronts him but a dose of blue paradise knocks the flash for a loop. He thanks his senses and head back to Lesko for round two, subduing him and his gang with super loud and super fast guitar riffs.

“Child’s Play” Flash Points:

Thanks to The Fastest Man Alive Blogspot for helping us with our synopsis. Although the site hasn’t been updated in several years, they are still a fountain of information. Thanks to them for permission to mine the site for information about The Flash 90!

Jonathan Brandis is always a pleasant surprise. And he has a connection to John Wesley Shipp, being that they were both in “The Neverending Story Part 2″ playing father and son!

Shroud of Death:

Law enforcement officials in Central City are being eliminated by a skilled and determined assassin with one link between them: fanatical survivalist Jefferson Zacharias who before being executed years ago, vowed that he would send an angel of death to assassinate all those who had a hand in his sentencing. Now, years later, it seems that the ominous declaration is being carried out. Eventually it’s revealed that Lt Garfield was the arresting officer in his case and is next on the list for assassination.

During all of this, Tina is entertaining a job offer at a prestigious research company across the country and Julio accidentally catches Barry using his speed to perform mundane tasks around the lab.

Later, Garfield, having learned that Zacharias has a daughter, Angel, who is the likely suspect in the assassinations, goes on a death hunt of his own, angry after Angel shot his fiance Mavis instead of him by mistake. After a slight hiccup where Garfield triggers a bomb and needs to be saved by the Flash, he heads to the hospital where Mavis lies in recovery and comes across Angel attempting to finish the job on the injured woman. The Flash shows up to remind Garfield that he is a cop and that killing Angel is not the way to handle things and eventually Garfield backs down, arresting her instead.

“Shroud of Death” Flash Points:

Not a lot that really stood out for this episode. We’re happy to see Garfield being brought in as a solid, reassuring character but that’s about it here.

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