Welcome to the first official series rewatch Cory and Tom are doing as part of the Golden Spiral Media Network! Join us as we chase down the fastest man alive, Barry Allan, and his life as superhero The Flash in this single season, 22 episode first attempt at a series.

The Rewatch Podcast comes to GSM after a successful run covering 2 other series, Sliders and Lois & Clark (still available in our main feed). Cory and Tom love watching these shows, and they discuss 2 episodes every week. Although, things are a little different this time. Tom is a big fan of The Flash 90, whereas Cory has never seen it. The question immediately rose— could this single season be as good as Lois & Clark???

We invite you to share your thoughts about each episode too! Since we’re taking our podcast 2 episodes of The Flash 90 at a time, we ask that you keep your feedback contained to only the episodes we’re discussing for each of our podcast episodes, or any episodes prior to that episode. You can send in your feedback by calling our voice message system at 304-837-2278, or by visiting our feedback page.

You can also follow us on Facebook, and Twitter- @RewatchPod.

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