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No Man’s Land was an ending to Gotham as we have seen it. Bruce is forced by Ra’s and Jeremiah to take the next step to be come Batman. The Lee, Jim, and Riddler triangle was shattered. Our rouges came together and exploded apart. Gotham is cut off and the GCPD is all that stands in the way of chaos.

No Man’s Land – A Dark Knight Is Born:

GU89 - No Man's Land - Ra's Bruce Jeremiah

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Bruce is in the hospital with Selina. He promises that he will always be there for her, mirroring her promise last week. Alfred has, against his better judgement, taken a bruised and bloody Jeremiah to the GCPD. Jeremiah wants to press charges against Alfred and hints that there are more bombs in the city. We see Ra’s blow up the Mayor and his building. Jeremiah says he will not give up the locations of the other bombs until he talks with Bruce. Jim won’t do it, but the Army Major that has come in overrules him. The government had declared martial law. Jim is arrested and ordered to be take away. The Major orders Bruce brought to the GCPD.

Bruce and Alfred are brought by force to the GCPD, but Bruce agrees to help because he wants answers from Jeremiah. The questioning begins and it is a mix between “Silence of The Lambs” and “The Dark Knight.” Jeremiah says the mayor’s bomb was used to draw Bruce. Bruce finds out that Jeremiah & Ra’s are working together. At that time, the League breaks in freeing Jeremiah and capturing Bruce.

Bruce is taken to a building under construction and is greeted by Ra’s. Jeremiah says that Ra’s helped him see that his goals to remake the city and remake Bruce were one in the same. They will watch it all from there and Bruce’s journey will begin. Babs comes in with the reforged dagger and her crew (Tabbs, Alfred, Penguin and the League Ladies). A fight ensues and Barbara grabs Bruce. The two of them together stab Ra’s with the knife and he begins to turn to ashes. He tells Bruce he can stay the same or become the Dark Knight the city needs.

Jim is back at the GCPD. Between Lucius, Harvey and Jim they find out that the League stole the bombs and GCPD vans. They are taking the bombs to the bridges of Gotham. Jim begs the Major to stop the evacuation, but the Major refuses and is overruled by Jim. The GCPD rushes to try and stop the bombs, but they are too late. Jim talks with the Major and finds out the city is declared off limits and everyone is to leave. Jim, Harvey and Lucius decide to stay and protect the city.

We see Mister Freeze, Firefly, Scarecrow, Orphan & Mother and even Penguin carving up turf. We also see Man Bat. The city is being divided up and the citizens who are left are in big trouble. As Scarecrow says, hell is coming.

Bruce and Alfred rush to the hospital. Selina’s surgery went will but her spine was severed and she will probably never walk again. Bruce is offered a boat trip out of the city with her, but he knows he needs to stay. He sends Alfred with her and Alfred vows to come back later to help. Bruce is fighting his way through the city looking for Jeremiah when he sees a spotlight. He follows it and finds Jim on the parking deck roof. The spotlight is a symbol of hope to those left in the city as well as a challenge to the evil doers.

No Man’s Land – Triangle Is Broken:

GU89 - No Man's Land - Riddler Lee

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

The Riddler captures Jim and takes him to the Narrows.  There he puts him under a press and starts to add pressure. The goal is to crush Jim to death. Lee walks in and says that a man like Jim could never hinder her from being who she wants to be. She is going to leave Gotham. Ed is given a choice to kill Jim and loose her or leave with her. He chooses to leave with her. She hangs out until Jim gets out and tells him the truth. She is not the woman he knew, but part of her will always love him. They kiss and go their separate ways.

With the bridges blown and the city descending into chaos, Lee is drinking. Riddler comes in and asks if she is leaving. She says she can’t. The Narrows needs her now more than ever. Ed begins to question her about her relationships and personality. She says both men wanted to mold her and change her, but neither of their images of her were right. She is her own woman. Riddler is coming to stab her with a knife, she turns the tables and stabs him first. He then stabs her. Looks like they were in love and could have lasted, but alas it is too late.  They kiss and fall to the floor. They appear to be goners, but at the end of the episode Penguin has them brought to Hugo Strange. He is to work his mad science on them.

No Man’s Land – Rogue Explosion:

GU89 - No Man's Land - Penguin Tabs Butch

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Penguin has located Hugo Strange. Hugo is going to drain out all the chemicals out of Butch, pump him with blood and restart his heart. Tabitha is by his side. But she gets a call about Selina and she is off to end Jeremiah for it. Meanwhile, Barbara gets a visit from Ra’s al Ghul. He says he lied to her. The painting was of him and a woman he loved, but she refused to live with him eternally. He won’t make that mistake again. Some of the Demon’s Head still resides in her. He wants her to come with him as they leave Gotham.

Tabitha made it to the GCPD after Ra’s freed Jeremiah and goes to the Sirens Club. She fills Babs in and they plot to take out Ra’s and Jeremiah. Alfred is there to find Ra’s and free Bruce as. Penguin comes in and says he wants to join the party. They head to the location where Ra’s and the crew are.

After the the fight is over, Tabitha heads back to check on Butch. Hugo says the procedure was successful. Butch walks out and he is his old self. He and Tabby express their love. Then Penguin shoots Butch through the heart killing him. Tabby is dumfounded. She asks why he went through all the trouble to find Hugo and cure Butch. Penguin says it is revenge for her killing his mother. It was and eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth. He is going to let her live and suffer for a while and then end her. She vows to kill him and he says she can try.

Later at the Sirens Club, the men of the League pledge their loyalty to Babs. Gotham has been made into a No Man’s Land and it is everyone for themselves. Babs say she is going to make it literal. She has the men killed and declares the Club and the area ladies only.

Closing Thoughts:

This has been a great season of Gotham and No Man’s Land was a great cap to it. We saw anger over events that happened years ago come back to haunt people. We saw love tested, broken and renewed. We saw the city cut off and every rouge start to claim territory. But most of all, we saw every one of our core cast pushed to their limits. While Ra’s and Jeremiah may not totally succeed with their vision of what Bruce should become, it will serve to forge him in to the Dark Knight. Bruce is forced to choose justice and the city over being with Selina. He chooses the Gotham only because he has Alfred with Selina knowing she will be safe. In an episode with so much revenge and stabbing, there is still hope. Jim and Bruce are on the roof with a beacon of light. It symbolizing hope to those in danger and coming justice for those who would stand against the good people of Gotham. While this is not, thankfully, the series finale, it does close a chapter in Bruce’s journey to Batman. It opens a new one that we will get to see in 2019.


After a very tense weekend with other shows forcing the studio’s hands, we found out that Gotham was renewed. Then at the Fox upfront event it was announced that Gotham’s 5th season would be its’ last. We will be starting back mid-season. Although nothing has been officially stated, we believe it will be a 13 episode run that will bring Gotham to 100 episodes. While Gotham will not be back on your screens until 2019, Gotham Undercover hopes to bring you some episodes to tied you over, so stay subscribed to the feed. Karen and I (as well as John, Tim and Ryan) are so happy to be a part of your Gotham world for these 5 seasons. So thank you and talk to you soon. Please join us on the Facebook group to stay up on the news.

City of Monsters by Jason Starr











Listen to our our thoughts on the first Jason Starr Gotham book “Dawn of Darkness.” We can’t wait to read his new “City of Monsters” Gotham book done by Titan Books.



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