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It was One Bad Day in Gotham and no one was spared. Jeremiah was working to blow the city into his ideal, as well as reshape Bruce into a different man. Harvey had to step up and lead the GCPD. We had a pack of villains out to take on Jeremiah. But in the end no one won, but Jeremiah.

One Bad Day For Harvey & Jim:

GU88 - One Bad Day - Harvey Jim

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Harvey has had to assume command of the GCPD because Jim is M.I.A. The officers are reluctant to follow him after his past failures. But Harper and Fox help assure them. About that time Jeremiah shows up out front. He has whipped Jerome’s followers into a gray shirted military squad. He gives Harvey an ultimatum. He wants to make the city in his image, but he has to have a clean canvas. The city has 6 hours to evacuate and the people who are left will have to suffer. To prove he is serious, he blows up the Gotham Clock Tower.

Harvey conveys the message to the mayor. Lucius Fox has gotten the plans for the energy generators/bombs from Wayne Industries. They can be deactivated. They are networked and if you take out the bomb’s brain they will be disabled. But that was blown up by Jeremiah. The bombs work in sequence. If they stop one the rest will be stopped, but they don’t know the locations of the bombs.

Jim made it out of Jeremiah’s bunker before it blew. He was found by the Riddler’s men and brought to the Narrows. Doc Lee has patched him up. He comes to and talks with Lee. Jim is trying to reason with her, but she will not have it. She is committed to the Narrows and working with Riddler. He has Jeremiah’s plans for the city and wants stop him. Lee and Riddler are going to use the plans as leverage with the authorities to keep themselves free and the Narrows safe. Before Jim can protest too much, he is knocked out by her drugs. Later He is woken up and brought to the Riddler. Lee’s former and current lover have words. Ed is jealous and in need of validation and Jim can’t believe those two are together. But He is the bigger man, the city is at stake and they need to work together. Ed has looked at Jeremiah’s plans. It is a 3D model of the city. The bombs are planted below key buildings. When they blow, they will make the city into a labyrinth. Jim sucker punches Ed and knocks him out.

Jim arrives at the GCPD and everyone cheers. Jim, Harvey, and Lucius take the model Ed made and transfer it over to a city map. Harvey heads to the nearest location to disarm the bomb. Jim goes on the news and gives the city the scoop. Harvey makes it to the location, but the bomb squad is held up in traffic. Lucius has to talk him through disarming the bomb, but Jeremiah has altered it. So Harvey has to choose between two identical looking wires. One will disarm all the bombs the other will blow them all. He chooses wisely.

Jeremiah has lost face with his followers, after they see the news with Jim still being alive. He says it won’t matter when the city starts exploding. He throws the bomb switch, but nothing happens. The goons are angry. But Jeremiah has planned for this. He runs out the door and hits a button which incinerates all the goons.

One Bad Day For Bruce:

GU88 - One Bad Day - Bruce Selina

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Bruce has woken up and heads the the GCPD for help. He is filling in Harvey, but Harvey wants him to go home. Bruce calls Alfred and gets Jeremiah. He says if Bruce doesn’t go to the address he gives alone, Alfred will die. He calls Sofia up and she joins him at the location. She says no matter what she will be there for him. He goes in through the door and she sneaks in via the roof. Jeremiah has come up with a conditioning maze for him. It will confuse him, show him images of Alfred being tortured, use Jeremiah’s voice to egg him on and Scarecrow’s fear toxin will push him over the edge. Jeremiah says that one bad day is all it takes to push someone over the edge. By the time Bruce finds Alfred he is frantic and being controlled by the toxin. He finds Alfred laughing and mad. He takes out a straight razor and cuts Joker smile into both of his cheeks. He then comes at Bruce with the razor. Bruce is forced to force him over the edge of the balcony to his death.

Selina makes it in and is about to take out the two guards who are watching Bruce’s progress. The Scarecrow comes in with his scythe and a fight ensues. Selina gets the upper hand and Scarecrow escapes saying the damage to Bruce is already done. Selina watches and then hears a thumping. It is Alfred in the closet. She and Alfred break in and shoot faux Alfred and he goes over the balcony. The guy who went over the edge was a look alike, but the toxin had convinced Bruce it was Alfred.

Back at Wayne Manor, Alfred is going to get cleaned up and then fix them all food. He is happy Selina is going to stay. Bruce and Selina have a talk and work things through. They then share a kiss. But their evening is interrupted.  Jeremiah has had a talk with Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s convinced him his plans were not just about Gotham, but also about pushing Bruce over the edge. So Jeremiah confronts Bruce and in “The Killing Joke” fashion shoots Selina in the gut. Bruce is tending to her and Alfred is beating up Jeremiah.

One Bad Day For Our Rouges:

GU88 - One Bad Day - Rouges

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Penguin, Butch and their captive Jongleur show up at the Sirens Club. They have a plan to take down Jeremiah and cut the ladies in 50 – 50. Barbara balks, but Penguin says they need the money to find Hugo to fix Butch. This pushes Tabitha over the edge and she convinces Babs. They head over to the location of the bomb control center. Jeremiah and his men show up and it is a stand off. They give him an ultimatum, cut them in on the money or Jongleur and the bomb’s brain unit go. Jeremiah acts like he is going to play ball and calls the mayor to demand the money. But it is a fake out. Jeremiah pulls out a rocket launcher and blows Jongleur and the bomb brain unit up. A fire fight ensues and Jeremiah escapes.

Our rogues have killed of all the minions and get out of there. Back at the Sirens Cub, they are drinking their troubles away. Butch is mad at Penguin and begins yell at him. Penguin says that He knows where Hugo is and this leads to Butch choking him. But the issue is money. Both Butch and Tabs say they can be very persuasive.

Closing Thoughts:

One Bad Day was a rollercoaster ride of madness and violence. This episode paid major homage to “The Killing Joke” storyline from the comics as well as providing us shout outs to the birth of Catwoman. I’m so thrilled that the same writer who wrote this episode is writing the season finale. It is so amazing to see all the work that has gone into this season. I’m so excited for the next episode.


A Dark Knight: No Man’s Land:
Jeremiah warns a skeptical Gordon of more destruction coming Gotham’s way, and Gordon is forced to make a potentially devastating decision. Meanwhile, Barbara rallies together a team to secure her position, as alliances in the underworld shift and prove no one can be trusted. Then, Bruce is forced to come to terms with the future in the all-new “A Dark Knight: No Man’s Land” season finale episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, May 17 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.


A day after we recorded we got the news that Gotham was renewed for a 5th and final season. You can read more here.

Cameron Monaghan Interview Prior to “One Bad Day”:

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