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That Old Corpse was Jerome, but it seems Jeremiah is a real Joker. He captured Bruce and send Harley after Jim. Meanwhile Harvey and the GCPD had to deal with the goons, Riddler & Lee and Penguin & Butch. Jerome had a heck of a wake, but it was Gotham that got woke!

That Old Corpse – Wake the GCPD or Jim Gets Woke:

GU87 - That Old Corpse - Jim Harley

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Jim and Harvey are debating what to do with Lee when they get a message from Jerome. It seems there is to be a wake at the GCPD and even that old corpse of Jerome, or at least his coffin, is coming to the party. Jim sees that this is a distraction. So they plan to retreat out and surround the building. Jim calls Alfred to fill him in and warn Bruce. When Alfred shares that Bruce is with Jeremiah, Jim sees the threat. They make it out of the GCPD,  question one of the goons, and find that the orders were to take Jim and Bruce. Jim knows that he has to help and heads over to Jeremiah’s bunker. It is empty, but a video tape has been left for him and Harley, er Ecco makes sure he watches. Jim takes her out, but finds the tape very disturbing. It is revealed that the man behind the GCPD wake and the threat to him and Bruce is not Jerome, but Jeremiah. Ecco escapes and Jeremiah reveals that Jim will be a guinea pig as the generator behind him is turned into a bomb. Jim remembers the door to the maze, grabs the plans for the generator, and makes it out.

Butch and the GCPD mop up the thugs at the wake. He grabs Harper and himself a beer. Lucius says they located the center of the explosion and it was Jeremiah’s place. Harvey is not happy because he knows that is where Jim was going.

Out With The Old Joker In With The New:

GU87 - That Old Corpse - Jeremiah Bruce

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Bruce has been working with Jeremiah to manufacture the powerful and efficient generators. Wayne Industries has been manufacturing them and Bruce and Jeremiah are running final tests in the bunker. Jeremiah is afraid that Jerome is not really dead. Bruce is using his friendship to try and calm him down. But after the call from Alfred, Jeremiah is more agitated. They decide to go to Jerome’s grave to prove he is dead. They make it to the graveyard, but Jeremiah is still scared. They find the grave disturbed and the coffin gone. Bruce follows Jeremiah to the mausoleum. Jeremiah says they could have been friends, but starts firing at Bruce. He says Jerome killed Bruce and put on his face. Bruce is chased back to the grave where the goons are waiting. Jerome’s body is propped on the grave stone. They cheer Jerome, but Jeremiah takes one out. The then wipes off the makeup and shows his true form. He says Jerome failed to make him insane. He is discolored, but sane. He wants to take all of Jerome’s crazy plans and one up him. He thanks Bruce for his friendship and money. They have made many generators and they will be used to tear down Gotham to build it back up. Just then the one at his house blows and Jeremiah says Jim is dead. Bruce is knocked out and left unconscious on top of Jerome’s body. Jeremiah and Ecco head over to Wayne Industries. They take out the guards. Then the enter a room filled with generators ready to be used for his plans.

Loving & Fighting Like An Old Couple:

GU87 - That Old Corpse - Couples

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Lee has been taken in to the GCPD and The Riddler is working on a plan to get her out. He rounds up some help, an odd assortment of items, and heads over to the GCPD. They find the police outside and learn from the prisoners in the paddy wagon the way to get in. After a costume change, clown Riddler enters to find Jerome’s crew having a blast. He searches for Lee, but she knocks him out by mistake. After he wakes up, they have a sweet talk. He has brought her a gas mask instead of a clown costume and they wait for the GCPD to send in the tear gas. They make it out and share a kiss under the stairs.

We finds our old fighting couple eating in front of the TV. Penguin and Butch are not seeing eye to eye on things. Butch wants action. They are pulling small time jobs and hiding in the mayor’s mansion while the rest of Gotham is dividing up Sofia’s turf. Butch wants money so they can find Hugo and he can be cured. Penguin wants to lay back in the tall grass and watch the other players make their moves. Then they see the news about the wake at the GCPD and Penguin has a plan. They head over and kidnap one of the guys from the paddy wagon. He won’t profane the memory of Jerome. Penguin does not want to talk about “That Old Corpse,” he wants the new boss. Even with the threat of Butch putting chicken bones up his nose the guy won’t talk.

Closing Thoughts:

The Old Corpse blew me away. It was so hard to take notes because of how great the writing, acting, and action was. The producers may not call Jeremiah the Joker, but he is in my eyes. He even has a Harley. Karen and I had a blast discussing this episode and the overall arc of the season. We cannot wait to see what is next, but are sad we only have 2 more episodes left this season. Cameron Monaghan’s acting this week was amazing. He takes each new characters, runs with it, and we all benefit from it. This is going to be a crazy close to the season with Joker Jeremiah bringing so much planed destruction to Gotham. Will Batman rise from the ashes?


The Dark Knight:  One Bad Dad:
As Gotham falls into complete anarchy, a team of unlikely heroes step up to save it. Bullock takes the lead at the GCPD and Bruce’s psychological limits are tested as those close to him are put in danger in the all-new “A Dark Knight: One Bad Day” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, May 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX

Photos for the last two ep of the season are up in the Facebook group.

Fan Art:

The latter part of this season I’ve been having fun playing with the photos and creating fan art. Here is one I made this week. You can check them all out in the Facebook Group.

Joker and Harley - That Old Corpse

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