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The Sinking Ship episode of Gotham saw Jim and Harvey on the case to find the dirt on Sofia by finding Mr. Penn. Oswald is sprung by The Riddler and they are were out to defeat Sofia. Bruce and Selina were working to make up for what Ivy did.

The Sinking Ship of Sofia:

GU82 - The Sinking Ship - Sofia Lee

Jim & Harvey want to take down Sofia, but they need a lead. Harvey seeks out an ex-Falcone assassin, the Scandinavian Skinner. She is now retired and running a candy shop. She says The Don was getting fed info from someone on the inside, Mr. Penn. To find him, they have to talk with Oswald. Harvey heads to Arkham, there he finds Penguin, but only briefly. Jim suggests that they find Lee to get to Oswald to get to Penn. They find Oswald out on the street and he agrees to give them the location of Penn, so he can stay out of Sofia’s clutches.

Mr Penn is hiding out at Spa Bo’sh Sumka. This retreat allows grown adults to play babies. They crawl, play with blocks, and drink bottles.  Mr. Penn tries to escape but is snagged by Harvey. Jim and Harvey question him. He is a man who blows with the wind to preserve himself. He worked for The Don all along, but aligned himself with Penguin. He then fed all of the info to Sofia so she could ruin him. But all of the information was sent back to The Don. Penn is the one who connected Pyg and Sofia. Then all hell breaks loose when Sofia, Zsasz, and Headhunter show up. Jim is shot and causes Sofia to split her forces. Some follow Harvey and Penn and the rest Jim.

Harvey and Penn make it outside and Lee sends them away in her car. She heads in to find Sofia.  Jim has taken out the thugs, but Sofia has him cornered in the kitchen. He is shot several more times. Sofia bemoaned the fact that he couldn’t join her in her rule. He said he could not let her do that to the GCPD. She offers him one more chance to apologize and join her. He refuses and she prepares to kill him. Lee comes in and shoots Sofia twice and saves Jim’s life.

Jim awakens in the hospital where Harvey is waiting for him. Harvey says Lee saved his life and then headed back to the Narrows. Sofia is still alive but in a coma. Jim wants to confess his connection to Pyg and Sofia but Harvey says no. If he did that it would help his conscience, but it would ruin the GCPD. Harvey says Jim will just have to live with it. It is what the GCPD and the city needs.

The Sinking Ship of Arkham:

GU82 - The Sinking Ship - Oswald Ed

Martin gets instructions, via his pad, from Riddler. He sneaks to the kitchen and turns on the gas. Riddler fires in some fire and boom the henchmen are dead. With Martin free, Sofia has no hold on Penguin. Now Riddler sends Penguin a message in riddle form. He gets beat up and lands in the infirmary. Zsasz and Headhunter are sent by Sofia to kill Oswald, but they are sidetracked by Harvey and the guards. The Riddler then frees Oswald.

Now they have to get power to take on Sofia. So Riddler heads to the Narrows to pull in help there. But they find out that Sofia has taken Lee’s power and Lee is furious. She want to take out Sofia as well. So she suggests Riddler head to the catacombs to find Solomon.

Riddler goes and expects to find Solomon, but he finds Butch instead. Butch is his old self and he delivers Ed to the Sirens Club. He figures that Tabitha would want to take revenge on Ed. Tabbs wants him to stay, but he says he is working his way back to being whole. Barbara says they can give Ed to Sofia and get good favor with her. They do.

The Dentist tortures Ed, but he will not give up Oswald’s location. Lee and Oswald have to resort to Ed’s back up plan. They go to Mister Freeze and he freezes Oswald along with an auto defroster. Victor turns in Oswald for the reward money. It’s at that time that Zsasz and Headhunter show up with the news about Penn and the Spa. Sofia leaves and Oswald defrosts. Penguin finds out about Sofia and that Ed is off to be killed. He fills in Lee and then heads off to save Ed. He saves Ed just in time and they both agree they never want to see that pier again.

Bat & Cat:

GU82 - The Sinking Ship - Selina Bruce

Bruce comes to the kitchen after hearing strange noises. Selina is there raiding the cupboards, without much luck. It seems she needs Bruce’s help. She wants to get back the things she stole from the family whose father was killed by Ivy. But she couldn’t steal them and does not have enough money to buy them back. Bruce agrees to get the money and help her.

They go to the fence and he calls her out from trying to steal them back. She offers double the money for the items, but he refuses and has his employees attack Bruce and Selina. The Bat & Cat easily take them down. The fence is about to shoot Bruce, but Selina whips him and Bruce punches him out.

Later at Wayne Manor, Bruce is icing his hand and Selina is brooding. He calls her out on her feelings. She tries to get him to return the jewelry, but he says she should. She is vulnerable saying that she just doesn’t feel like saying sorry will cut it. Bruce says Ivy was responsible not her and that she needs to do it for her sake.

Closing Thoughts:

The Sinking Ship The Grand Applause was an interesting ep. Not the best of the season but one that had a lot of movement. It was interesting to see Lee take a turn for the dark side. But she is not doing it out of revenge for her own injuries, but for the sake of the Narrows. She has become a mother to them and is out to protect them from the ills of Sofia and Sampson. I found it hard to believe all of Bruce’s injuries didn’t have him in worse shape. I also can’t believe Sofia survived a gut shot and a head shot from Lee, but this is Gotham. She is a sinking ship but I’m ready for her to be sunk. I’m excited to see the Arkham breakout next week.

Thanks again to John McGrail, The Silver Vox, for filling in this week. Catch him over on Maid of Steel and Triplecast.

xforce11’s Comic Corner:

GU82 - The Sinking Ship - Detective Comics

One of the thugs holding Martin was reading Detective Comics Vol. 1 Issue 14. This is 13 issues before the first appearance of Batman. Detective Comics 14 was written by Gardner Fox who created both the JSA and the JLA. The comics contained several stories. On a side note Detective Comics Vol. 2 14 stared Batman, Ivy, Penguin, Clayface, and Arkham.


A Dark Knight: One Of My Three Soups:
Arkham’s “finest” give Gordon and Bullock a run for their money, as they hatch a plan to escape the asylum. Meanwhile, Bruce devises his own strategy to thwart their plans. Also, Barbara gets an offer she can’t refuse in the all-new “A Dark Knight: One Of My Three Soups” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, March 29 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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