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A Beautiful Darkness saw Bruce having dark visions of his future. Ivy is seeking to be a voice for the plants at the cost of the humans. Oswald has having an awful time in Arkham thanks to Jerome. Plus Sofia is scheming with the Sirens and Doc Lee.

A Beautiful Darkness:

GU80 - A Beautiful Darkness - Bruce Ivy

Bruce is surprised by Ivy and then dosed by her control powder. After she gets the info she wants, she scratches him leaving him to suffer. He begins to hallucinate and have a powerful vision. His face is stolen by Ra’s and he is bandaged up Invisible Man style. He chases himself and confronts the imposter. The imposter grabs him but it is just an empty suit (like he wore defending the city).

He is in a party with familiar faces in different rolls. Jim and Babs are together. Lee and Penguin are having fun. Harvey is his butler. Then Special Agent Pennyworth crashes the party and takes him captive. He is left a crime alley where a shadowy figure confronts him. It is clearly Batman. The figure says this is where he was born. Later Bruce is in the Batcave. He again is confronted by Batman. He says, “I’m the one you cannot escape or kill.” Bruce says “you’re me.” The figure says you are frightened, you should be. Batman then turns into bats and flies at Bruce.

Bruce awakens as Jim and Lucius give him the antidote. Later, Bruces says the vision was real. He saw who he really was. He saw the darkness. Jim says he has fought the darkness as well. He says to reach out to those who care for him. Bruce dials Alfred and leaves a message asking for help.

Beautiful Darkness Noisy Arkham:

GU80 - A Beautiful Darkness - Penguin Jerome

Oswald has been in Arkham for a while now and all he wants to do as bide his time. Sofia has threatened Martin’s life if he tries to escape. But Jerome has other plans. It seems like Jerome rules Arkham and not only the inmates, but the guards bow to his power. He sees Oswald as a project. He wants to draw Oswald out and threatens him if he does not entertain him and the others. Oswald is mocked and beaten. But it takes a visit from Ed to wake him up.

Ed says he is there to gloat that he has friends and a good life. He pushes Oswald’s loneness and captivity in his face. But Oswald sees that there is more to it and something is up with Ed. Oswald is left with an origami penguin as Ed leaves. Oswald opens it to see a message, but that message is not from Ed, but from the Riddler. Oswald knows the Riddler wants out and writes to Ed to help push the process.

This also inspires him to have a breakthrough with Jerome. He fails at fighting him, but wins by miming him. He mimes that he’s in an invisible jail and Jerome plays along trying to break in. Then Oswald hits him by surprise. This earns Jeromes respect. Later they talk and Oswald finds out Jerome wants to escape and make Gotham the asylum. But he refuses to help, for now!

Beautiful Darkness Deadly Ivy:

GU80 - A Beautiful Darkness - Ivy

Ivy is seeking to be a voice for the plants and she goes after a researcher at Wayne Enterprises. She and Selina go to Roland Charles’ house and Ivy whammy’s the family with her scent powder. They love her and would do anything for her. Selina thinks they are there to rob the place, but Ivy wants Roland’s research. She gets it and scratches him. It kills him and his family is helpless to do anything, but watch.

Jim and Lucius arrive later and Lucius shares that the toxin gives vivid hallucinations before death. The family shares that Selina was there. Jim goes to the Sirens club and is going to ask Babs about Selina, when he sees Sofia. Sofia says he needs to fall in line or she will out him to the public. Jim sees and chases after Selina. He stops her and gets the scoop on Ivy 3.0.

Ivy is upset when she reads the Wayne Enterprises info and wants to know more about Project M. So so goes to the source and awakens a hungover Party Bruce. She gets the full scoop and then scratches him to cause him a slow painful death. She then head over to the GCPD and whammies the entire precinct. Fox switches on the tape recorder before he falls under her control. He knows where Project M is and takes her there.

It turns out Fox and Bruce took the Lazarus water to Wayne Enterprises botanical lab at the edge of Kane Park. Fox leads her there and gives her the water. Jim has found the tape, after navigating the GCPD. He arrives, but Ivy threatens Lucius and gives Jim a choice. Save Bruce with the antidote or follow her. He chooses Bruce.

Ivy is experimenting using her blood and the water to create new and deadly plants. The owners of her crash pad show up and she blows the plant pollen at them. The die immediately and begin to rot producing new flowers. This is bad news for Gotham!

Closing Thoughts:

A Beautiful Darkness was a wild ride through the darkness of Bruce’s mind and Ivy’s heart. Jerome wants to rule Gotham and he needs the craziness of the Penguin to do it. I loved this episode due the character studies we got. We see Bruce wrestle with his future and his calling. We got to see Ivy be deadly, but also plotting at things bigger than one victim at a time. Oswald is biding his time until he can be released, but Jerome forces everyone to action including Oswald. It was a great episode and I can’t wait to see what is next!


A Dark Knight: Reunion:
Ivy (guest star Peyton List) picks her next target, leading Gordon and Lucius back to an old friend, as Selina tries to take matters into her own hands. Sofia wants full control of Gotham and turns to Lee about the state of the Narrows. Meanwhile, Bruce tries to make amends with Alfred, and Nygma visits Arkham in the all-new “A Dark Knight: Reunion” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, March 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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