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Pieces of a Broken Mirror ended our long Gotham break. Things were exploding, people being reborn in many ways, and violence was keyed up all around Gotham. It was a whirlwind around our main characters and it was great to catch up with them all! So good to be back podcasting about this show!

Pieces of a Broken Mirror:

GU79 - Pieces Of A Broken Mirror - Jim Doc Alfred

Jim is hunting down Harvey to try and get him back on the force. He runs into Alfred in the Narrows. They end up saving a bunch of people after a failed assassination attempt on Doc Lee. Lucius Fox finds the toy plane that was used as a bomb and he and Jim head over to Kranks Toys. Cosmo Krank (Chris Perfetti) says they sell that type of plane, but it has been modified. They ask about other employees, but only Cosmo and his dad, Griffin (Thomas Lyons)  work there. Griffin uses a nutcracker and a robot to try and take out Jim & Fox. But they make it out. They question Cosmo and find out Griffin’s target was The Doc. Jim visits the Sirens Club to get a lead on The Doc from Barbara. She has fun toying with him, but sends him to Cherry’s in the narrows to discover who The Doc really is. There Jim is surprised to fine Lee Tomkins is The Doc. She is stirring up the people of the Narrows to quit fighting each other. They need to stand up in a united front to the city to get heath care, schools and much more. This is causing push back and the attempt on her life, she says. But she won’t stop. After her speech, she and Jim catch up and Jim shares about Krank. Ed sees Krank in the crowd and follows him out. It turns out that The Riddler hired Krank to kill Lee. The Riddler wants Ed to be free from her so he can reign. Jim kills Krank and Ed blames it all on Krank.

Alfred is living in the narrows. He has found a nice place to eat at a diner. But the locals see his money and try to mug him. Alfred fights one before Jim breaks it up. After Alfred helps save the people from the bomb, the people in the diner praise him. Waitress Tiffany Gale (Caissie Levy) leads the praise. She and Alfred connect and have a great conversation. Alfred sees a bruise on her and know she is being abused. That evening he is walking her home, but is stopped by her boyfriend. Alfred calls him out for abusing Tiffany and beats him up loosing his ring in the process. Gil gets Tiffany in his truck and leaves. He later kills Tiffany and frames Alfred using his SAS ring and has a buddy be an alibi. Jim confronts Alfred and Alfred denies it. He slips away and finds Gil and his crew at a bar. They gang up on Alfred until the bar tender takes them out. It is Harvey. Harvey forces the guys to give up Gil and calls the cops.  They take them away and Harvey & Alfred share a drink. Jim comes in and tries to get Harvey to rejoin the force. Harvey says Jim wants a priest to confess his sins to, not a partner. He sends Jim packing.

Pieces of the Personality:

GU79 - Pieces Of A Broken Mirror - Butch

Butch & Ed both are having pieces of their former personalities come back to them. Ed is upset at the pieces of the Riddler coming back and resisting it. Butch is embracing it. He is still Grundy in body, but his mind is coming back thanks to Tabitha’s work last episode. He is seeing flashes of his former life and knows who he is now. He goes to the Sirens Club and talks with Tabby. He fills her in and says that he still loves, her but is still a monster. She loves him and we all know it, but she cannot admit it to herself or him. He accepts in and leaves.

Pieces of Poison Ivy:

GU79 - Pieces Of A Broken Mirror - Sirens

It seems that all those powerful herbs and potions put Ivy into a cocoon. She is awoken by three punks looking for drugs. She emerges with a new appearance and powers. She touches one of the punks and kills him with her toxins. (Later we see the coroner and Fox marveling over poison ivy grown inside the corpse.) She wanders the streets and is disturbed by how the city pollutants are killing the plants. She sees a couple leaving on a trip and crashes their place. She dresses up to watch the news and sees a commercial for the Sirens Club. This pushes her to the club.

Ivy arrives at the club and business is booming. The Babs is happy with the traffic, but Tabitha and Selina don’t want to do any more commercials.  Babs is upset with some party boys in the club. She sends Selina over because, she is part owner now and she knows one. Party Bruce is drunk, offers her champaign, and blows her chiding off. She threatens to call Alfred and finds out Bruce fired him. Things are going no where, when two men fight over Ivy. Ivy knows all of Sirens, but they don’t recognize her. Selina follows her out of the club.

Back at Ivy’s crash pad, Selina not so subtly sneaks in and is confronted by Ivy. Ivy says it is her in the flesh, but in different flesh. She poisons Selina and then gives her an antidote. While Selina is recovering, Ivy says her touch causes poison ivy to grow in a person and eat their flesh. She says that Selina looked out for her in the past. Now she can look out for Selina and they can rule Gotham.

Closing Thoughts:

Pieces of a Broken Mirror was not the best episode of Gotham it really geared up the second half of the season. I’m excited to see Poison Ivy really rock Gotham. With her in place, we truly have the Gotham Sirens. I’m still not happy that we have Party Bruce. I’m ready to see him get back on the right track. But next week we get our Jerome/Joker and Penguin story and we are all smiles for that!

Thanks to John (Silver Vox) for filling in! Find him over at Maid of Steel and Triplecast.


A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness:
Ivy (guest star Peyton List) tracks a secret project on which Wayne Enterprises is working and begins to target anyone that can give her information. Meanwhile, Jerome (guest star Cameron Monaghan) becomes obsessed with Penguin in Arkham. Also, Gordon begins to second guess his deal with Sofia and an unsettling dream sequence shakes up Bruce in the all-new “A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, March 8 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-413) (TV-14 L, V)

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