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Masks are used to hide identity and protect people. Bruce is learning masks don’t have to be physical ones. Meanwhile Babs and Selina are playing with masks of their own. Riddler has an admirer and so does Jim. Things are thawing out in Gotham!

Dark Knight’s Masks:

GU70 - They Who Hide Behind Masks - Bruce Babs

Bruce is wearing his mask as he tries and fails to stop Penguin’s imports. He has to find out what Penguin was brining in. So he puts on the mask of a street kid and uses it to get on board the ship. He reads the manifest, but is caught. The stevedores don’t believe him because his accent is bad. Alfred comes in dressed like a stevedore but has to take out the thugs. Alfred shares that improv is a major tool in the actors kit.

Bruce learns that the masked figure was after the knife used embalm King Balahsi. He researches it. The book has a drawing from over 2000 years ago and the figure with the knife is Ra’s. Now they know who wanted it and must get it first.  Bruce puts on his tux for the auction, but Alfred says it is not complete. He needs to put on the mask of a spoiled rich kid. Bruce plays the part. He buys several things at the auction making Penguin believe the cover. He learned from Alfred’s line about improvisation. He and Barbara get into a bidding war, but Penguin sells Bruce the knife before Barbara can top the 2 million offer. Penguin warns him she will come after him for it.


Jim Unmasked:

GU70 - They Who Hide Behind Masks - Jim Sofia

Jim has journey to Miami to ask for Don Carmine Falcone’s help against Penguin. The heat and light are a great contrast to Gotham. Jim lays aside his pride and strength and lays everything out to Faclone. Carmine has bad news, he won’t help because he can’t. He is going to die. The environment of Miami is giving him extra time but the end is coming. Jim has struck out with Carmine, but there is another Falcone. Sofia Falcone (Crystal Reed) may have been sheltered away from Gotham, but she is her father’s daughter. She has started running the business in Miami. She gets to know Jim and makes it clear she does not hold Mario’s death against him.

Jim returns to Gotham feeling let down. Harvey greets him at the GCPD and introduces a new detective. Detective Harper (Kelcy Griffin) has transferred in to help but, it looks like Jim got some unexpected help. Sofia has come back to Gotham. She says Gotham is her birthright and she will partner with Jim to make a difference.

Ladies in Masks:

GU70 - They Who Hide Behind Masks - Babs Selina

Babs wants the knife Penguin has and will do anything to get it. First she sends a masked Selina to retrieve it from the docks. Masked Bruce tries to help the masked figure but ends up fighting 2 thugs, getting cut and causing Selina to lose the knife. Selina reports her failure to Babs and Babs is not happy. It seems that she is wearing a mask of her own.  She did die but was brought back by Ra’s and even trained over those five months in his fighting style.  Ra’s wants the knife so Barbara is forced to to to Penguin.

She tries an early sale but, it is a no go. Penguin wants to know who she works for and won’t relent. After the botched bidding war, Selina heads to Wayne Manor to get the knife from Bruce, but he refuses.  Barbara is out of luck. Ra’s comes and he and Babs spar. Babs holds her own but admits failure with the knife. But once Ra’s finds out Bruce has it everything is fine. He wants Bruce to be his replacement. There is freedom in finding your heir.

Ed is In Misery:

GU70 - They Who Hide Behind Masks - Ed Myrtle

Ed has an admirer! Myrtle Jenkins (Ilana Becker) knew Ed from elementary school and has followed his long rise to becoming The Riddler. She took her time and planned and plotted. She got inside Penguin’s organization and learned the routines.  Then she struck when the time was right.  She got Ed out and to her home. The home is a Ed/Riddler museum. Over the last three episodes of Gotham we have had shout outs to Stephen King (Grady in ep 1, Clowns in ep 2, and Misery in ep 3). Myrtle channeled Annie Wilkes. She had heat lamps and acupuncture to help Ed out. But his mind is what was ailing him most.  The king of riddles couldn’t even get the answer to children’s riddles. Ed knocked out Myrtle and escaped. Penguin and Zsasz locate Myrtle and get the scoop. Then Zsasz takes out the riddlette.

Closing Thoughts:

This episode didn’t have a ton of action but did it ever pack a punch! We learned so much in this episode.  It turns out that John’s theory from last podcast was correct. Ra’s did bring Barbara back and is behind her new endeavor. We got Ed back but he has a ways to come before he is his old self. Bruce is learning the non-batman side of the detective work. Overall it built things up and has us wanted to know more. Sofia is beautiful and deadly and I believe Jim learn to regret getting her involved. Next week The Substitute, John will covering for me. We are grateful for his help on Gotham Undercover. Check him out over on Triplecast.


A Dark Knight:  The Demons’ Head:  Bruce Wayne puts the lives of Gotham Natural History Museum historian Niles Winthrop (guest star Dakin Matthews) and his grandson, Alex (guest-star Benjamin Stockholm), in danger in an attempt to uncover the meaning behind his prized knife from the auction. Meanwhile, Ra’s Al Ghul (Alexander Siddig) proves he’ll take deadly measures to achieve what he wants. Also, with Sofia Falcone (Crystal Reed) in town, she is on a mission to win back Gotham from Penguin in the all-new “A Dark Knight: The Demon’s Head” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, Oct. 12 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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