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Wizard World made its’ first trip to Winston-Salem, NC this year. John McGrail and Geoff Gentry were fortunate to get press passes. Our highlight was the Gotham panel with David Mazouz, Sean Pertwee, and Robin Lord Taylor.

Wizard World:

Wizard World Comic Con is a great traveling con that allows people all over the U.S. to experience and revel in the many faces of geek culture. It is a place where people into comics, video games, anime, horror, wrestling, movies, tv and so much more can shine and live it up for a weekend.  Too much of the time we may feel like out casts and weird. But cons remind us that there are other folks out there just like us. Wizard World coming to Winston is huge. Before now folks would have to drive hours to Charlotte or Raleigh for a real con experience. Over the three days, there were panels on cosplay (modeling, photography, building and more), professional wrestling, creating comic, trivia, story telling and tv shows.

Wizard World – Gotham Panel

David Mazouz - Wizard World Winston-Salem

John McGrail “The Silver Vox” from Maid of Steel, Jada Wilkerson “Story’s Voice” and myself xforce11 got to experience the Gotham Panel. The panel was moderated by Victor Dandridge a writer and comic creator. He moderated several of the panels we went to and he did a great job moving things along and he had a very good rapport with the panel members. The panel consisted of David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne Batman), Sean Pertwee (Alfred Penyworth), and Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot Penguin).

After an introductions and some questions from Victor, the question and answer portion started. The panel was well attended and those people who asked questions were treated well by the panelists. John, Jada and myself all asked questions. In the 45 min. of the panel, we got to see the great dynamic between these three. They gave great answers and were so nice.You can tell they enjoy the con experience.

I recorded the panel and did very minimal editing. This was recorded live and it captures just a piece of the Wizard World experience. We hope you enjoy it. We highly encourage you to go to Wizard World if it comes close to you.


It was confirmed by the panel that the final season is 10 episodes starting January. It is confirmed that it is the No Man’s Land story line. Penguin, Victor Zsasz, Sirens, and Low Boys all running sections of Gotham. The fight scenes this season are very Batman per David. They are all excited about the season and wanted to savor each filming opportunity.

Here is a great article with videos about the new season from WRAL TV.

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What did you think of the panel? Have you gotten to see them live? What was your favorite moments from the cons you have been to?
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