June 16-23, 2019 Join Aaron and I with the members of The Hollywood Outsider for “Movies on The Caribbean Express“. Aaron and I want you to come hang out with us on the largest boat in the fleet for Royal Caribbean, The Harmony of the Seas. This is an 8 day cruise where you get to hang out with fellow entertainment fans as well as Aaron and I for some fun in the sun. When you fill out the contact form, make sure to include the keyword “ABERNATHY” in your response so we know you are a Blacklist Exposed podcast listener. Spots are almost gone as it is the most popular cruise time of the year so reserve your room today for just $500 US down. Can’t wait to see you on the boat!


Podcast Award Voting Info

The 2018 Podcast Award nominations are now open, and it’s up to YOU to decide the finalists for this year’s ceremony. During the month of July but BEFORE July 31st, you may cast your vote for us, if you would, and we would be eternally grateful.

You can vote ONCE from EACH EMAIL you possess, and voting only takes a minute. We have also included friends of the podcast below as suggestions if you want to know whom else to vote for in other categories, should you feel the desire.

Visit, check the podcasts you are voting for, complete the short voting form at the bottom, click submit, and check your email for a verification email. That’s it!

Also, please don’t forget other shows done by listeners of the podcast as well as other work done by Aaron and Troy!

Thank you all for your time and support, we can’t tell you how much it means to all of us and with that here is a recommended slate of shows to vote for.

  • People’s Choice – Beyond Westworld
  • Art’s – Resourceful Designer
  • Entertainment – Remake This Movie Right
  • Games – The Gaming Outsider
  • Society & Culture – Smirk
  • News – Consider This
  • Sports – Packers Fan Podcast
  • Last but not least don’t forget!

  • TV & Film – The Blacklist Exposed

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