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GRODD LIVES! Here are some thoughts from Joe about this great episode!

All Grodd Things

Grodd. Grodd. GroddGroddGroddGroddGroddGrodd. This was my thought process while watching Ep. 21 today. I’ve made no effort to hide the fact that Gorilla Grodd, or just Grodd to his pals, is my favorite Flash villain. Let’s explore why, shall we?

I’m inclined to say that, with the possible exception of Batman, no one has a better rogues gallery than The Flash. Tech-magicians from the future, a team of villains w/ powers and names so silly they should be laughingstocks (but aren’t), even an extra-dimensional despot w/ delusions of Fairy Tale-dom. But then there’s Grodd. His origins in the comics (a member of a race of super-apes hidden by their advanced technology deep in Africa) is clearly different then what we’ve seen on the show, but that’s OK. They’re making it their own, and keeping true to the universe they’ve created.

But why is Grodd always the top banana for me? Simple: He is brilliant, but he is brutal. Especially under the writing of Geoff Johns, we see a Gorilla Grodd not often seen before. In previous incarnations, he was essentially just Lex Luthor, but an ape. No longer. Geoff created a Grodd that was no less a scientific or tactical genius, but brought in the savagery. This is a creature that sees two 10-year-old children laughing at him, so he tosses a taxi at them. This is a villain who mutilates friends of the Flash, just because they’ve committed the “ultimate sin” of being friends of the Flash. He makes it very clear that he likes eating people, and we’ve certainly seen him gobble up brains in the comics. All this he does, as well as creating incredible technology. This is why I love Grodd. He is brilliance and barbarism all at once.

Look, I love Capt. Cold and the Trickster and the Top. These guys are fun. They give the Flash a run for his money. But to mangle a quote the Scarlet Speedster himself…”We forget what a monster Grodd truly is. And then, he reminds us.”

Hope you enjoyed GRODD LIVES! Only two episodes left of Season 1! Join us next week as we careen into the last couple hours of Flash-tasticness we’ll get for several months!

As always, send in your Feedback to 304-837-2278, or through the GSM Feedback Page!

PS: We received a couple of Feedback responses after we’d edited the Podcast and were about to publish it, so we weren’t able to discuss them, but we’ll include them in next week’s podcast! Thanks, everyone, for contributing – the show wouldn’t be the same without you all!

Joe and Grodd, monkeying around

Joe and Grodd, monkeying around


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