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Welcome Undergrounders! This week we run, with Iris. Yup, Central City’s newest speedster is none other than our very own Iris West-Allen. After having a rather candid conversation with Ralph Dibny, Iris has a crisis of purpose and decides to go out into the field to prove her fierceness. As a result, she encounters the newest Bus-meta, Matthew Kim a.k.a. Melting Point. A new Bus-meta, Iris in the field, and Harry wanting his own thinking cap, what could go wrong?

He’s done it! Harry has finally found a way to give team Flash an advantage over DeVoe. The problem is Cisco isn’t on board. Harry wants to recreate the accident that gave DeVoe his incredible thinking abilities. Cisco finds the whole idea dangerous and declares he wants nothing to do with it. In the wake of hope being dashed right before his eyes, Dibny’s mopey behavior causes him to attack Iris’s position on the team. With her purpose on the team now being in question, Iris decides to go out into the field to prove herself.

Meanwhile, an EMT named Matthew Kim interrupts a bank robbery. A meta named Eric Fry, who gained his pyrokinetic abilities from the original particle accelerator explosion, has returned to Central City. While confronting Fry, Kim transfers Fry’s powers to a random bystander.

After investigating the robbery, team Flash is hot on the trail of Kim when he inadvertently swaps Flash’s powers into Iris’ body. Run, Iris, Run! And she does. In a series of trials, Iris learns to become the new Flash and Barry finally learns his way around S.T.A.R. Labs. In a wake of purple lightning, Iris defeats the meta of the week, finds herself again, and learns what it takes to be a true speedster. Join us as we discuss this wonderful take on Freaky Friday. And for Grood’s sake Dibny! Put on some underwear!


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