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Case Profile for Anthony Pepe

Anthony Pepe checks in from the set of The Blacklist in New York City this week. As the head of the makeup department, Anthony’s job is to bring all the crazy blood, deformity and loss of limbs to life that you see on the show each and every week. Anthony joined the crew of The Blacklist in season two and is excited to get back to the set for season five.

Starting out wanting to be an animator for the likes of Walt Disney Animation Studio, on a whim he attended make-up school in Florida and found his passion in the ability to transform the human appearance. Working on films such as The Hunger Games and Amazing Spiderman, Anthony’s talents never go to waste. He also shares how the Visual Effects team partners with him to leverage new and exciting to concepts to blend the use of the computer with the art of the practical. We hope you enjoy this discussion from behind the scenes of The Blacklist.

The Work of Anthony Pepe

Here are some of the behind the scenes photos of the transformations Anthony discussed in this episode.
Anthony Pepe

Podcast Awards 2017

It is that time of year again for the annual Podcast Awards. We need your help ensuring that our show is one of the finalists in the Entertainment Category this year. In addition we would also ask that you nominate Beyond Westworld for the TV and Film Category as well as Packers Fan Podcast in the Sports Category. From July 1 – 31, head over to and click on the nominations link to cast your ballot. Winners will be announced on September 30th during International Podcast Day.

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