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About Nicole Phillips

From her early days as a student in high school, Nicole Phillips always knew she was going to be a writer. Whenever there was a school project, Nicole was always the student wanting to take it to the next level. She would look to add drama and video to every presentation. This passion led Nicole to film school at USC, followed by an internship working for Bad Robot. Yes the JJ Abrams run Bad Robot.

Nicole Phillips

Walter and Walternate share a moment during Fringe Season 4’s Worlds Apart

Nicole worked on seasons 3 and 4 of FRINGE. During her time there she wrote episode 420 “Worlds Apart” which had arguably the best John Nobel scene in the series. She also had the opportunity to enter the comic book space with “Beyond The Fringe”, the comic about the show, working with Joshua Jackson on a few issues.

Thereafter, Nicole found her way to Jon and John as their script coordinator for The Blacklist. During season one she pitched the idea of a Blacklist comic book. It wasn’t until late season 2 that the project got a green light. Series one concluded the story of “The Gambler” in December of 2015. On January 20, 2016, we will encounter a new member of The Blacklist with “The Arsonist”. Nicole is slated to write all 5 issues of “The Arsonist” just like she had for “The Gambler”. Whether or not there will be a series three depends on YOU!

The Blacklist Comic Book Series

You can purchase all issues of the comic book by visiting The Blacklist Web Site and selecting the link to Get The Comic. Produced by Titan Comics, Series one will also be available in a graphic novel format this April. You can also purchase the comic digitally through the Comixology app for iOS and Android.

The Gambler Issue #1

The Gambler
Issue #1

We hope you enjoy this interview with Nicole Phillips as well as pick up the issues of The Blacklist Comic. Series two with “The Arsonist” will hit shelves on January 20th, 2016. And keep your eyes peeled because on February 4th for episode 13. Nicole will be penning her first episode of The Blacklist TV show when guest star Tony Shalhoub joins the cast. It is an episode that none of you will want to miss. Until we resume our regularly scheduled podcasts thanks as always for listening, and for keeping yourselves off The Blacklist.


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