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Vanishing Point Analysis

Welcome to Beyond Westworld, and boy do we have an agreement for you…

Do you ever question the nature of your reality? William sure does as the Man In Black begins to unravel as two characters meet their vanishing point. We are treated with a little backstory on William’s wife Juliet and the inner workings of the Delos Heiress and her drinking problem. Emily sides with her dad mostly on what to do about mom, but mom takes care of things herself as we know. They WHY is exactly why Emily is now in the park looking for her dad. This gives great parallelism to Dolores and Teddy’s arc as we see the two hosts who’s paths always bring them back to each other, until this episodes tragic ending. Are William and Dolores alike in many ways? Were they destined to be with each other in their evil desires all along? We discuss the penultimate episode of Season 2, Vanishing Point.

The park is open. Let’s head on in.

Opening & Guest Survey – 0:00
Main Loop – 06:08
Guest Feedback – 52:06
Breaking The Code – 1:04:51
Closing – 1:12:05

Vanishing Point in Pictures

Here are a few of our favorite scenes from this week’s episode.

Breaking The Code

These are all courtesy of the frame by frame analysis for next week’s promo. So if you don’t want to know any of this do not read any further.

This shot looks like it might be a Charlotte meet Charlotte sequence.


Logan is with Dolores and Bernard in the present?


A few frames look like a time fabric rip for the possible door. Maybe this is like hunger games where it is a forcefield illusion, or like a giant projector screen on a dome?


What do you all think? Can you break the code? Let us know by commenting below or leaving us your thoughts here.

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A special thanks to RJohn Draws for creating our podcast cover art. If you love it, be sure to check out the rest of his artwork.

Thanks for listening! Be sure to come back next week, when we re-open the park for another vacation...Beyond Westworld.

About HBO's Westworld

In 1973, celebrated author and filmmaker Michael Crichton released Westworld, his visionary idea of what a theme park could be as human-looking androids fulfilled our every desire. Four decades later, creators Jonathan and Lisa Joy Nolan are taking the concept to the next evolutionary step as Westworld can now be ‘fleshed’ out as a deeper concept that explores the vast array of potential and consequence from such advanced technology. The one-hour drama series is a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin. Set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, it explores a world in which every human appetite can live without limits, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.

The cast of the 10-episode series includes Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, and more.


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