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Welcome back to Arrow Squad! It was so great having a new episode of Arrow back, wasn’t it? In spite of the angsty and non-action-oriented approach this episode took, it was fun having the gang back together. Season 4 Episode 16 entitled “Broken Hearts” originally aired on March 23, 2016 and featured guest star Amy Gumenick reprising her role as Carrie Cutter (a.k.a. Cupid).

Broken Hearts

“Love is a bullet to the brain, or an arrow to the heart.” These are the wise words of Carrie Cutter, a.k.a. Cupid. human heartsOne episode removed from Felicity ending her engagement to Oliver, and their relationship, and literally walking out the door, it comes as no surprise that the writers of Arrow chose to dedicate an entire episode to tugging at every heartstring fans of these characters possess.

I go back and forth between wanting to let the season play out and see what happens, and total frustration over behavior which seems totally out of character for both Oliver and Felicity. Every episode this season has been delivered to us, still wet with strategy, in order to orchestrate an outcome — the grave scene — and has allowed very little to happen organically.

And Broken Hearts is no different. From beginning to end it had this clear intention of teasing hope for the couple, only to rip it out once again. Why else bring Cupid in unless you have some all-to-obvious metaphor to squeeze out?

I Swear to Tell The Truth

The only value this episode brought to me was in the trial of Damien Darhk. Or Kenneth from Marcovia. this is where he keeps his ringAlthough I have some nitpicks about the way the trial unfolded, I absolutely loved the storyline that followed Laurel and Captain Lance throughout the episode.

We cannot accuse either Captain Lance or Laurel for acting out of character in this episode. Both upheld the past 3+ years of growth and experience to a T. The reputation Captain Lance built from his decades on the force was, quite literally, what convinced the judge of there being a valid case against Damien Darhk.

Also, did you notice that Damien Darhk did not say a single word this episode? He must have been in at least 50% of the episode, and did not say a peep. Now those are some acting props, my friends.

Concerning the use of Damien’s 3 abductees from Oliver’s holiday party, I have a couple comments. Diggle takes the stand, swears an oath of honesty, and then finds the details of his and Thea’s illicit drug purchase aired out. When Diggle fires the comment back at Damien’s lawyer, “I swore to tell the truth!” The lawyer’s rebuttle is something like, “And then I saw you perjure yourself.” I could not think of what he was referring to… and so the only thing I came up with was that the laywer is talking about Diggle’s testimony of Damien. Still, it confused me.
closing arguments
My next comment is about why, after Diggle’s testimony took an arrow to the heart, Laurel didn’t call Felicity to the stand. There are a number of things that the defense could of uncovered; Felicity’s hactivism phase, her criminal father. Or, perhaps, Laurel thought that she wouldn’t generate the proper sympathy after having broken off her engagement to the ex-mayoral candidate.

Closing Arguments

My dislike for the episode undoubtedly came across before you reached this section. There were a lot of things that happened in this episode that I reacted to, going, “Haven’t we gotten past all this?” From Amanda Waller being the one to release Cupid to Felicity’s less-than-funny quips about love being dead to Diggle’s “Just Give Her Time” mantra, we’re dancing around the same cliches that every other angsty CW television show loves to hold onto. There were a couple points in the episode where I said, “What, are they Clark and Lana now?” #SmallvilleReference

As we’ve said many times, we don’t mind the relationship exposition… but don’t insult us. Try something new, instead of using relationship drama to drive the story arc.

Also, let’s do away with the magic, huh?

Next Week

Season 4 Episode 17 “Beacon of Hope”
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