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Welcome back, Arrow Squad! It is our pleasure to be back this week with the first round of listener guest hosts, Martin (aka The Flash) and Justina (aka The Green Butterfly). San Diego Comic Con happened last week (July 9-12, 2015) and we decided it was time to have another conversation. If you’re looking to steer clear of season 4 spoilers before the premiere of Arrow in October, this might not be the podcast episode to listen to. We discuss a blend of general season 3 highlights and lowlights with our guests and then move into discussion about some of the factoids we got from Comic Con!

Are you planning on coming to DragonCon 2015? Kevin (Podcast Overlord), Brian (The Shadow), and I (Emilee/Miss Ice) will all be there! We would like to plan a meetup for any Arrow Squad members who are planning on being there and wanting to join in the fun, so if that is YOU, please let us know. The best way to do this, to ensure you are “on our list” is to send us an email: team (at) arrowsquad com. You can also use the form on the Feedback page, if that’s helpful.

Tentatively we have a slot scheduled to record a live podcast while at DragonCon. You’ll want to be sure to follow us on our social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) if you’re interested in attending that show. I promise I will be there in person. I won’t Skype in. Maybe.

San Diego Comic Con 2015: 4 Things We Learned About Arrow Season 4
San Diego Comic Con 2015: The Arrow Panel
Stephen Amell in New Arrow Costume @ SDCC

Next Week
There are a few things we, the Arrow Squad, want to discuss before DragonCon rolls around, and next week we hope to speak with one of the track directors at DragonCon! If that doesn’t end up happening, we will be back the week after recording a Superhero Roundtable with Joe and Tony from Central City Underground!

We know it’s summer, and nothing new much is happening in the Arrow world aside from spoilers up the wazoo, but if inspiration strikes and you have something you want to share, send it in! Do not hesitate. We love listening or reading your feedback, and if it coincides with a new Arrow Squad episode we will feature it on the air. Visit our Feedback page to make that feedback process super easy!

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