In episode 59 of We Have To Go Back Podcast we take a look back at LOST season 6 episode 13, “The Last Recruit” and season 6 episode 14, “The Candidate.” In “The Last Recruit” we see Jack and Claire together for the first time since they found out they have a familial connection, many of Locke’s followers are killed by mortar fire from Widmore’s group, and we FINALLY get the long overdue reunion between Jin and Sun. In the flash sideways we see connections between Sayid, Sawyer, Miles and Kate while also seeing connections between Jack, Desmond, Claire, Locke, and Bernard.

In “The Candidate” we finally get to see the true character of Locke coming out. We also see the deaths of three characters that are original cast members, but Locke is not satisfied. In the flash sideways we learn how Locke ended up in the wheelchair, the fate of Anthony Cooper, Jack tries to fix Locke.

Next up we near the end of LOST season 6 with “Across the Sea” & “What They Died For.”

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