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To Our Deaths And Beyond saw a Demon’s Head Battle Royal between Barbara and Ra’s. The Riddler & Lee took on the corrupt banks and slumlords as well as Penguin and Butch. Bruce, Selina, and Alfred were caught in the middle of all the action.

To Our Deaths And Beyond:

GU86 - To Our Deaths And Beyond - Ra's Babs

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Barbara is still trying to figure out her roll and the ins and outs of being the Demon’s Head. The League Ladies test her and she fails to see them coming. She is supposed to be like Ra’s and foretell the future. But even their attack does not spur the gift into action. After Wraith Ra’s, as I like to call him, is brought back he seeks Babs out. He wants to know what she has done with his gift. She says he left no instructions. She wants to be worshiped like a queen or even god in Gotham. He knows that she is thinking too small and wants the Demon’s Head back willingly or he will take it by force. He attacks and the League Ladies help fight so she can escape.

After she has the knife, she heads back to the club. Selina wants to know her plan. Her plan is to glowy hand and call Ra’s. Then she will go all stabby Babs on him. Selina says she will not commit suicide by Ra’s because this plan sucks. She leaves. Barbara questions her plan and herself and Tabby reassures her. Babs calls Ra’s and the two factions of the League face off. She tells Ra’s the Demon’s Head and ruling are her destiny and will not give it up. She stabs him and he responds with a sarcastic “ouch” and throws her into a mirror. They begin to fight and Bruce runs in and breaks it up for a bit, until the Ladies stop him. We see Babs stabbed by Ra’s and then her hand glows. Time rewinds and she counters his move. The Demon’s Head has been activated and she can use it. Ra’s takes Tabby hostage and Babs will not give up the Demon’s Head and Tabby is killed. Time rewinds and this time Babs gives up it up to save her friend. Ra’s and the League leave.

Later, Barbara is cleaning up the club and talking with Tabitha when the League Ladies return. They say she may not have the Demon’s Head, but she fought for her people and is worthy to lead. Now where will they go from here?

Beyond Who We Were:

GU86 - To Our Deaths And Beyond - Riddlee

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

The Riddler and Lee have been hitting banks and getting away clean. They are giving the money out to the people of the Narrows. Riddler says they are going to spend the money on booze and cigarettes. But Lee says they will also use it for food, clothing and medicine. Their fun is quickly interrupted when Penguin and Butch come to call. Oswald needs money to buy back Sofia’s capos and Butch needs it for getting to Hugo. They figure Riddler & Lee owe them because they made them. They want a cut of the bank heists. Lee hears their offer and counters with a counter offer “bite me.” Lee and Riddler are a united front and Oswald calls out Riddler. He says Lee is using Riddler and Ed’s love has infected him.

Riddler and Ed have a mirror conversation totally opposite to what we have seen. Ed says Oswald was right and the love for Lee is forcing him to do un-Riddler like things. Soon he won’t know where Riddler ends and Ed begins. This sets him off and he goes to Penguin and Butch for help. If they help him kill Ed and deal with Lee, he will cut them in on the huge score they are going after.

Jim is running down leads and talks to Lee. But she stonewalls him and says the real crooks are the slumlords who own the Narrows. He comes back and questions the head of the banks that have been robbed. The banks did dirty deeds, but were cleared due to good lawyers. Harvey reigns him back in and they find out that all 45 of the banks have had assets moved to a secure location. They head there knowing that it is the next target.

Riddler and Lee arrive tranquilizing the guards. Lee asks how they are going to get in the vault and Riddler says with help. He pulls a gun on her and Penguin & Butch show up. It looks like Lee is done for. With all the money in the truck, Riddler tells Oswald to get Butch. He then throws a Molotov cocktail on the Narrows ownership deeds and traps Penguin and Butch in the vault. He was playing them. He tells Lee it was the best way to get in the vault and keep his enemies close. He knows Lee was using him, but she has changed and he likes it. He loves her, she might not feel the same way now, but she will. She is surprised and pleased. She volunteers to deal with Jim and the GCPD while he gets the money to the Narrows. They kiss and she heads out to be arrested by Jim.

Pushed Beyond Limits:

GU86 - To Our Deaths And Beyond - Factions

©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Bruce is roped into helping Tabitha and Barbara, after Selina asks for help. Bruce gets to try out his new Batmobile er… Mustang. He is flaunting the engine noise and Selina laughs. He then switches to quiet mode. They wind up at a sort of temple and Tabitha brings them in. The League needs Bruce to bring back Ra’s al Ghul from the dead. Bruce protests, saying that is not what Ra’s wants, but they cut his hand and the blood revives Ra’s to a point. He is angry, but quickly wants to take the Demon’s Head from Barbara. Bruce and Tabby save Barbara.

The group knows they need the knife from the embassy to kill Ra’s. Alfred and Tabby play the over the top couple to distract the curator. Selina pulls the Mission Impossible wire act to steal the knife. They all meet up and sides are drawn. Selina gives the knife to Babs and they leave.

At the end of the episode, Bruce is frantically working trying to find Ra’s and get the knife back together. Selina tells him, he needs to take a night off. He starts to agree, but Ra’s enters. Selina stays to hear what is going on. Ra’s has seen a vision of who Bruce could become. He wants to use the coming cataclysm in Gotham to forge Bruce into the dark knight of Gotham.

Closing Thoughts:

To Our Deaths And Beyond was had good progression of the story moving towards No Man’s Land. Plus we get great twists and turns in the Riddler & Lee storyline. After the huge ride we had last week, this week was a bit of a let down, but that is to be expected. We had some issues with the writing not being clear. But I think our biggest disappointment was the fact that, we had so much buildup with the Barbara story and it only lasted two episodes. We’ve grown with her over the seasons and want more for her. Who knows, we may get more in the final three episodes this season. It looks like the last three will be beyond crazy.

Thanks to John, The Silver Vox, for assisting us while Karen is taking a little break. You can find him over on the Maid of Steel podcast.


A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse:
Chaos erupts at the GCPD, sending Gordon on a wild goose chase for the culprit behind the mass takeover. Meanwhile, a friend of Bruce’s becomes paranoid, resulting in rash and destructive behavior in the all-new “A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, May 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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