Well, the mayhem was spectacular along with the revelations and the cliffhangers (and a pregnant pause!) in this week’s episode! Bactine anyone? We are talking of course about the ultimate episode of the season (and or series?), aka Season 11 Episode 10 “My Struggle IV”. It was written and directed by series creator Chris Carter, and it originally aired on March 21, 2018. We struggled because we had so much to say (and so did you guys!) so that we had to split our normal one episode into two! For our news, analysis and Spooky Drawer segments, check out WSB 27!

This episode is filled with all of your incredible feedback! And you guys were all over the place both regarding “My Struggle IV”, Season 11, and the entire reboot! We are so appreciative to everyone who has contributed the past two seasons – you have made this so much fun for us!

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