After that absolute bombshell of the Debris season finale that we got, we couldn’t wait to chat with Tyrone Benskin on the podcast so that we could discuss George Jones more fully and talk about what motivates George and makes him tick, and what an incredibly fun time we had chatting with him! Tyrone is a man who wears many hats as an actor, a teacher, and a politician, and he touches a little bit upon all three of those roles in our interview with him. He touches upon whether or not George truly does love Finola, what he likes most about playing George, how he feels about having had the opportunity to work on screen with John Noble, as well as how he was convinced to run for Parliament. He also discusses in great detail some of the other roles that he has played such as The Phantom in a stage play production of The Phantom of the Opera and Karl Lubinsky in the short-lived sci-fi series Charlie Jade and explains what he loves about characters with complex moral reasonings, arguing that there is always a reason why humans do what they do. Tyrone addresses questions sent in by Nachos and also reveals what his ideal plate of nachos would look like! This chat was so much fun and so enlightening! We hope that you’ll get as much out of it as we did, and we thank Tyrone from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to talk with us!

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