When we asked our listeners to give us one word to describe how they feel about the Stranger Things 4 finale, we heard words like dissatisfied, numb, anxious, resolved, crushed, bewilderment, depressed, bittersweet, and intrigued just to name a few. Now that we get to hear listeners share in-depth how they feel about it, those words definitely ring true.  Some felt that Stranger Things 4 was the best season ever, while others felt it was the worst season ever.  However, most of you felt like the season did a lot of things right and can’t wait for Stranger Things 5. One thing that the entire fandom seems to be united on is the heartbreak over the death of Eddie. In this episode we hear some interesting theories about Eddie, as well as some other fun ideas about what may be in store next season.  With feedback coming in from at least 10 countries and 8 states, this is the most excellent feedback episode we’ve put together yet!  Thanks to all of you who made this episode possible.

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