With the major reveals and twists of “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab,” many of us are updating our theories and coming up with new ones.  Is Peter Eleven’s father?  Was Brenner using El to search the void in an effort to find Peter?  Was El a pawn used by Peter, or was he being truthful with her?  Did Peter/Vecna create the upside down, or did it exist before he was sent there by El?  What’s up with the earthquakes, and why is the upside down frozen at November 6, 1983? These are only a few of the discussion points and theories brought up by listeners this week.  Two of you even bring back a theory Darrell threw out after watching the very first episode of season one!

We do our best to make sense of these questions, put together a list of who you all think will die this season, update Darrell’s predictions from this season, and make a few more predictions on how the rest of the season will play out.

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