Hi Hellblazers!  SURPRISE!  This episode is SO late!  Our favorite mystical con-man appeared on Arrow weeks ago (in an episode titled Haunted), and Joe and Tony recorded the podcast right away, but then real-life got crazy with work schedules and family illness and travel and Thanksgiving Holidays… Plus the Rising Darkness kidnapped Joe, and Tony had to mount a rescue mission, things got CRAXY!…. and this surprise episode got delayed – OUR APOLOGIES!

BUT – here we are.  Constantine on Arrow! We’ve gotten one more chance, thanks to the great folks at Arrow and the CW, to watch our hero John Constantine in action!

Here are some thoughts from Joe about the episode:

Sleep Well, Sweet Prince of Darkness
The Flarrowverse became a whole lot brighter recently…or perhaps a whole lot darker. With Constantine’s appearance on Arrow, he became part of the ever-expanding CW/DC Universe. What does that mean for the future? HELL if I know. (Heh) But a man can dream, can’t he? A man can dream of John showing up on other shows, trenchcoat flapping and cigarette burning. Mystical evils will rise, and someone has to stare it down!
I admit a couple secret dreams here, because by golly, I can!1) A second season of Legends of Tomorrowfeaturing a new cast of heroes…led by John Constantine! Perhaps something more mystically inclined…

2) A Justice Society series, starring Atom-Smasher, Jessie Quick, Mr. Terrific, Hawkgirl, Hawkman…and Constantine’s own Jim Corrigan aka The Spectre!
The stories practically write themselves! If John’s brief re-appearance taught us anything, it’s that there are still tales to be told, and John needs to tell them.
Until then, we have to hope and wait. Will SaveConstantine manage to resurrect the series? Only time will tell. But until then…Sleep Well, Sweet Prince of Darkness.
Also – check out the NEW “Save Constantine” petition at Change.org!
Thanks, Hellblazers, for the chance to chat about John Constantine with you – we’ve had a devil of a time!
-Tony and Joe