Thoughts from Joe on the Season Finale of Constantine, Season 1:

Once More Into the Fray

So we’ve reached an end. End of Season 1? Definitely. End of Constantine as a series? We have no idea at this point. The fans have spoken. “Season 2!” they shout from the mountaintops. Ratings crawled up a bit, I’d like to think in response to several rock-solid episodes. I admit, I wasn’t as blown away by this last episode as I would’ve liked. Except for the last 2 minutes. Which blew my mind.

I have so many thoughts and feelings at this point, far too many for any single blog. But one things I have to say is this: What a blast! This show has been a wild ride. It took a while for it to find its feet, but it found them. We went in wondering if John would smoke. John smoked! We went in unsure about this lady Liv with her psychic visions. (Remember her?) Well, out with Liv and in with Zed! Many of us wondered who the heck Manny was, and if he was truly on the side of the angels. Some of us (including me) had doubts. Now, I wouldn’t be the kind to jump up and down and scream at the top of my lungs “I told you so!!!” so I won’t. I do plenty of that in the podcast. {EDITOR’S NOTE: “He was insufferable.” – Tony}

But it’s been more of just a ride for the show. Tony and I have had an absolute blast doing this podcast. He and I are old friends, and fans of many comic books. But had we read Hellblazer or Constantine before this show? Sure, but not as much as some of you amazing listeners, it turns out! This podcast gave me the impetus to reach out and expand my knowledge. Oh man, am I glad I did. I certainly knew about John, but I hadn’t delved into his storied history, his losses, his occasional victories, and his colorful assortment of friends, enemies, and frenemies. And know what? I’ve only scratched the surface of his 30-year journey through comic books. You better believe I’ll be doing some more reading this summer.

I guess more than anything, I want to thank Tony for being the best co-host a guy could ask for, and to thank Golden Spiral Media for giving us this chance. AND I really want to thank every single person who followed us on our journey to and from Jasper’s Millhouse. Getting to know the Constantine Community has been a real joy. You fiends are funny, witty, and a little nuts…and I love you all the more for it. Thank you for your feedback, your theories, and your sheer love of the show. Is this really the end? We don’t know yet. But I’m gonna light a candle made out of a human hand, and leave a light on for all of you.

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