Some thoughts about the new episode of Constantine from co-host Joe Z:

Send Me An Angel. (Spoilers ahead! Yarrr!)


OK, OK, OK. So I was wrong. I was big-time wrong. About what, you may ask? About our buddy Manny.

Early on, I predicted that Manny was in fact NOT on the side of the angels. I imagined him as a fallen angel, or even an entirely unrelated entity trying to manipulate Constantine. Soooooo it turns out that not only is he indeed an angel, but he’s on the side of the angels too.

Episodes like this week’s confirm yet again that the show has found its stride. We see a whole new side to Manny this time…a mortal side. As a creature who’s been around for a looooooong time (he’s been watching humanity since the beginning!), Manny’s seen a lot. But it turns out there are many things he hasn’t experienced. Pain. Guilt. The…ahem…thrill of romantic love.

There was a great new aspect to his relationship with the team, and it’s this: Manny and Zed can see/communicate with each other. There’s great potential here for the team to really start being, well, a team. The showrunners have been drawing Manny into the fold slowly, but the time has come. He’s in. He’s taking a more active role. He burned the magic map! My gut tells me that, if we get a 2nd season, Manny will be the one leading them towards the problems that need solving.

One more episode. A LOT of stuff to cover in that final hour. Will they be able to cover all of it? Of course not. Will there likely be as many questions asked as answered? I bet’cha. And will our Heavenly pal be in the forefront of the action? Yeah. I bet he will be. Next week, we find out. And hopefully, we’ve got many more episodes to explore after.

Only one episode left of the season! (And…the series? We’ll see!)