Some thoughts from Joe Z, one of the co-hosts of THE DEVIL YOU KNOW: A CONSTANTINE PODCAST

The Final Countdown

And so we’ve entered the final three episodes of Constantine. How can it be?! IT’S TOO SOON! Well, the final three episodes of Season 1 anyway. Will there be a 2nd season? Who knows at this point? Well, probably NBC.

The ride that is Constantine has indeed been a rocky one. Look, I’m an optimist. I admit it. I have a tendency to look for the good first, the bad…well, only if I have to. I feel like I need to face the facts about this show. The truth is, it took a while to find itself. It REALLY struggled in the beginning. Coal mine ghosts? Meh. Scary children in masks? Seen it. And don’t get me started on Liv! Constantine has suffered through what many other shows have suffered through: first season identity crisis. I can’t help but feel like the early episodes softballed it a little. Perhaps they didn’t trust the audience. Perhaps they didn’t want to scare the Network. But the fact is, for Constantine to work, scare is what is needed. A few episodes in, the show started to veer closer to the comics. We saw fantastic familiar faces like Papa Midnight, Gaz, Anne-Marie and of course Jim Corrigan/The Specter. AND they decided to up the horror. Rather than veer towards Buffy-esque monsters of the week, we saw cursed items, demons in the form of beetle swarms, and hideous beasts made from tortured babies. And that’s when Constantine became Constantine.

The show is filling the currently unused Horror Comic spot. We have horror shows (Supernatural, Grimm, and my favorite Penny Dreadful), and we have comic book shows (Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gotham, and too many more to name). But while the horror comic books have been around for FOREVER (Tales of the Crypt started in 1950!), they haven’t quite landed on the small screen. Blade tried, but did not last. I still hold out hope that Netflix will pick up Morbius or Ghost Rider or the Midnight Sons. But right now, Constantine holds the crown of bones alone. It is my sincerest hope that NBC recognizes the unique show they have, and give it another shot. The show-runners now understand the vibe of the show; now comes the time for it to flourish. All it needs is a chance. So let us work our various magics, hoodoo, voodoo, singularities, and keep our fingers crossed!

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