Co-Host Joe Zettelmaier shares his thoughts about the newest episode of Constantine!

The Guess Who/What/When/Where/How

Hello again, compadres! Welcome back to The Devil You Know? And this week, the devil we got to the know is Chas! At long last, we finally learned the great mystery of everyone’s favorite 6’6″ teddy bear w/ a mean right hook. If you’re like me, you’ve been a fan of Chas since ep 1. Charles Halford has been commanding the screen since we first saw him, and when he spontaneously survived an electrical line tearing through his chest…well, he had me intrigued.

I admit this: I’m a dissector. I make a good chunk of my living as a playwright, and as such I have a tendency to obsess over plot details and storytelling. I have been hunting down clues, formulating my own theories, trying to untangle the knot that is Chas. Why? BECAUSE I WANT TO KNOW! Years of thinking like this has often put me ahead of the show I’m watching. Like many of us, I love making my guess early, and then when(if) they come to pass, being able to lie back on a comfy bed of “I KNEW IT!” Sure, I get things wrong as often as I get things right (Not-Yet-Evil Manny, you had me fooled), but I never let a wrong guess deter my love of the shows.

There’s sometimes a negative connotation applied to the guessers, the spoiler-hunters, the theory-builders. I’ve never quite understood why. As long as we’re not shouting at you who the smoke monster is, are we hurting anyone/anything? I actually view this sort of excited clue-finding as a sign of genuine appreciation for the show we’re investing in. Few are the children who look at a present wrapped under a tree and think “Meh. I can wait. Who cares what it is?” That instinct is hardwired into us. And trying to guess what’s coming next, what the great mysteries are…you only do that when you care. Who doesn’t love that giddy little thrill that comes w/ the revelation?

Did I guess the history behind Chas’ powers? Not even a little. I had a whole theory that this wasn’t actually the real Chas, but a mystical entity John had convinced was Chas. Could not have been more wrong. That being said, I loved the real history behind it. It strengthens who Chas is, shows us the depths he’s willing to go to to help people, and further explains why he sticks to John like glue through thick and thin. That’s what a good revelation should be; it should come from a place of character, and should feel organic to the world the show created. Chas was blessed/cursed because he tried to do the right thing, no matter what might happen to him. Why? Because that’s Chas. He is the moral center. He’s as huge in heart as he is in height. And when he deals with this week’s villain…we learn he’s maybe a whole lot smarter than he lets on.

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