Wonder Woman is the last in our Road to Justice League triple. Wonder Woman brought a change in tone and a ray of hope into the DCEU. We learned Diana’s backstory and why she withdrew from being a hero. We also learned about her honor and strength. Join Cory and John as they close out the triple with this great movie.

Wonder Woman:

Diana is a princess in the island nation of Themyscira. It was created for the Amazons as a shelter and home. It is hidden from outside detection and the all female community lives and thrives. They all train for war. Diana wants to train too but her mother, Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) is against it. Diana trains in secret with her aunt Antiope (Robin Wright) and her mother finally relents, but has Antiope train Diana harder than anyone else.  As an adult, Diana (Gal Gadot) is excelling in her fighting, but her power surprises her and she is wanting answers. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes through Themyscira’s barrier and needs help. Diana saves him but the Germans are pursuing him.

The Amazons fight the Germans with swords, spears and arrows verses their guns and artilery. Diana & Steve join the fight but Antiope sacrifices herself to save Diana.  Hippolyta holds council and interigates Steve using the lasso. They learn of the events of WWI and that Steve has info that will stop the war. He snuck into Ludendorff (Danny Hutson) & Dr. Maru’s (Elena Anaya) lab and stole her idea book. Diana is convinsed that Ares, the god of war, is behind it all.  She takes the sword, shield, lasso, and armor and is set to go with Steve to stop the war. Hippolyta knows she cannot stop her so lets her go.  Hippolyta knows that the sword is not the god killer that can bring Ares down. Diana is the god killer.

Steve and Diana make it to London and present their findings to the leadership who don’t want to act on it due to the impending armistice.  Steve assembles his team of Charlie (Ewen Bremner), Sameer (Saïd Taghmaoui), and Etta (Lucy Davis). Sir Patrick (David Thewlis) says he will secretly fund them. They head off to Belgium and meet up with The Chief (Eugene Brave Rock) and Etta is in charge of communications on the U.K. side. They get to the front and are stalled, but Diana has seen and heard enough.  She wants to free the village across No Man’s Land. Wonder Woman strikes out and pushes the Germans back and the team along with the British push forward. Once in the town the team takes out the Germans. The town is joyous. It is there that the photo Diana has been searching for (that Lex had) was taken. They relax, enjoy, and Steve and Diana hook up romantically.

The next day they head to German high command at the castle. Steve and Sammy act their way in and so does Diana. Beautiful dress and sword in tow, she seeks to attack Ludendorff. Meanwhile, Steve charms Dr. Maru. But Diana’s moves stop Steve and they both loose opportunities. The Germans fire off their new gas weapon at the village. Diana and Steve find it devastated. But The Chief has tracked Ludendorff to the new base.  Diana fights a Ludendorff who is strengthened by Maru’s work, but he is no match. Diana realizes that He is not Ares.  Then Sir Patrick appears.

Wonder Woman tries to fight him when she realizes he is really Ares. He has told her the truth, that she is the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus and she is the god killer. It distracts her. He tells her they can destroy things and start over. Humanity is not worthy. But Steve and the team have realized that the plane holding the gas bombs cannot be crashed or stopped but only burnt up.   Steve sacrifices himself to destroy the plane in the air. He says he can save the day, but Diana can save the world.  She breaks from Ares spell and begins to fight and He is fighting full out as well. He tries to strike her down with lightening but she absorbs it and kills him.

We end the movie with her having left her time of not fighting behind. She is now ready to fight and defend out of love knowing that each person has light and darkness inside them. She is ready to be a part of the Justice League.


I saw this movie in theaters, own the soundtrack and bought it digitally as soon as it came out. To me, this felt like the first live action movie DC had done right since the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy. Wonder Woman is a woman who is discovering the outside world, but has wisdom in the midst or her newness in the environment. She will fight for those in need and stand up when needed. She truly walks out her roll in the world, but the war changes her. It is interesting to think about how this movie lead into her actions in BvS. She has been called out and sees that the world needs her again. I can’t wait to see Wonder Woman in Justice League!

xforce11’s Comic Corner: Taking a page from Karen, The Scarlet Cougar, let me recommend a comic that will help your knowledge of who Wonder Woman is in this age of heroes. It is Wonder Woman Vol. 1 by Greg Rucka.

TC159 - Road to Justice League - Wonder Woman - Comic







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The movie score was done by Rupert Gregson-Williams. He does a great job of conveying the action and character with-in the film. He plays off the elements from the Wonder Woman theme created by Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL for BvS. Here is evidence of that in the “Wonder Woman’s Wrath” Track.

You can buy the soundtrack from Amazon or on iTunes.

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:   Jumping from “Dreamgirls” and Eddie Murphy last week. Early in his film career Eddie Murphy starred in this 1986 film where he played a private detective working on very special cases involving children.
Which lead us to the following movie:  The movie is  “The Golden Child.”
Next Triple:  Our first Triple of 2018 we’re going back to the mid 80’s and Breakout Eddie Murphy. We’ll be looking at “The Golden Child,” “Trading Places,” and “Beverly Hills Cop.” John is also excited to announce that GSM’s own Scarlett Cougar, Karen Lindsay, will be co-hosting this full Triple as Cory is taking a well earned vacation.

Stay tuned to the show’s Twitter and FaceBook feeds for announcements about special shows that will be coming in December! Until then, let us know your feedback about the DC cinematic universe and especially your thoughts on “Justice League” coming on November 16!

Thank you for listening and being part of our valued TripleCast community!! ~Cory and John


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