Star Wars is a very action-packed and fantastical series, so it was about time Disney produced an anime series with stories that take place in the Star Wars universe. Blake and JJ, in light of the second volume of Star Wars: Visions coming out this year, are here to discuss the first volume of the anthology series, discussing each episode individually, and discussing the series as a whole and its quality. They’ve also ranked each individual episode, talking about each episode based off of their placement in the rankings. Blake and JJ discuss their experience and opinion on anime in the past, the art styles and their different varieties, and the stories and characters in each episode, and how memorable and well-written they are. They also discuss what they’ve done Disney lately, which include the Oscars and the most recent MCU movie. If you love Star Wars, anime, or even both, this is the show for you, so tune in and hear their thoughts!

Have you seen the first volume of Star Wars: Visions? What are your thoughts on it, and do you think it deserves more volumes? Let us know, and connect with us at Mouse House Weekly, we’d love to discuss with you!

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