“Snakehead” ended up calling for a lot of discussion around the overarching themes and messages of Fringe, discussion that we probably hadn’t been expecting, and we are so excited to bring this conversation to you! Listen as we nerd out over this stand-alone but very beautifully written episode. We share enthusiasm around the gross-out factor of the episode and how beautiful Walter’s growth is in this episode, and we also, as always, share your thoughts on the show, too! This week, we hear from Eric, Geoff (xforce11), Rory, Shaïna, Patty from Canadia, and ShelkyBean! There are still a few episodes of season 2 open for a co-host opportunity (including “What Lies Below,” “The Bishop Revival,” “Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver.,” and “Northwest Passage”), so if you would like to join us for one of those episodes, be sure to hit up the Community Portal! If you would like to contribute feedback to the podcast, please contact us via one of the contact methods listed below!

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