“August” is undoubtedly a favorite amongst the Fringe fandom, and it’s no wonder why. It’s a beautiful episode with a powerful message about love and how it makes each of us important. It also offers up so many clues regarding Peter’s past while still, in traditional Fringe fashion, asking new questions. Join us as we reflect back on this episode, sharing our favorite moments and discussing why this has gone down as such a memorable episode. We also hear from several listeners such as Geoff (xforce11), ShelkyBean, Rory, Eric, and Patty from Canadia! If you would like to contribute feedback to the podcast and/or would like to sign up to be a co-host for a season 2 episode that hasn’t been claimed yet, contact us via one of the contact methods listed below! There are only a few season 2 episodes left up for dibs, so hit us up! 

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