Damon (not Lindelof) joins us this week to discuss this beloved fan favorite episode “White Tulip,” co-starring the talented Peter Weller as Dr. Alistair Peck! The episode follows Dr. Peck as he tries repeatedly to travel back in time to the day his fiancée was killed in a car accident so that he can be reunited with her. It’s a beautiful episode with a powerful ending that sets the stage for Peter finally learning the truth of his origin in the next episode. Listen in as we discuss the different rules of time travel depending on the story and what rules Fringe seems to be establishing, the phenomenal acting bounced off back and forth between John Noble and Peter Weller, and so much more! We also get some incredible feedback from listeners like you, including Rory, Geoff (xforce11), Michael London, Eric from Pennsylvania, ShelkyBean, and Linda Is Lost! Join us next time for our discussion of the amazing episode “The Man from the Other Side” which will feature Cory Metcalfe as our guest host! Be sure to submit your thoughts if you would like to be featured in our feedback section! We would love to hear from you! 

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