This is another great episode on this roller-coaster of Fringe episodes as we near the incredible season finale! This time, we are returning to the topic of Cortexiphan subjects as we meet a new one – James Heath, and we are joined by Marianne this week as we discuss this episode so obviously inspired by the board game and film Clue! We discuss the references to Clue as well as the amazing performances in this episode, especially from Anna Torv who we all seem to agree is the MVP of this episode. We also share our enthusiasm around Sam Weiss and how happy we are to see him again, while also lamenting that his enigmatic lines in this episode about his origins are never satisfactorily explained. You can also expect to hear incredible feedback from frequent feedbackers Rory, Erin, Geoff (xforce11), Eric, Patty from Canadia, and ShelkyBean! We hope that you will join us not only for this episode but also for the next episode when we discuss the fan favorite episode “White Tulip” with Damon, but until then, feel free to reach out to us with your feedback because we would love to feature you in our feedback segment!

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