We have finally arrived where Fringe is arguably at its absolute best, a block of episodes that even the showrunners referred to as a “rollercoaster.” Olivia’s Cortexiphan ability comes back into play in this episode when she travels to the titular Jacksonville, Florida where the Cortexiphan trials took place. She must confront fear on so many levels, ultimately temporarily saving the day but making a horrifying discovery. We are joined by Danielle (DillyDilly) in this episode and also share amazing feedback from Erin, Geoff (xforce11), Eric (or Eric from Pennsylvania as you prefer), ShelkyBean, Patty from Canadia, Emily (also known as The Soggy Nacho), and Anna (not Torv)! If you would like to contribute feedback like they did, be sure to check out our contact methods listed below! We would love to hear from you, and be sure to join us next time for our discussion of the amazing episode “Peter” which will feature another guest co-host – Michael London! 

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