Join us this week for our discussion of “The Bishop Revival” as we unpack a little bit of the Bishop family history in this very purple episode about a Nazi scientist who somehow has not aged since the 1940s and is carrying out deadly experiments to advance the Nazi agenda. It’s an episode with a fascinating fringe science behind it, and we dive into the colors that we see in this episode as well as the several lines of dialogue that are so multilayered on rewatch. We get some truly awesome feedback from several listeners, including Geoff (xforce11), ShelkyBean, new contributor Morgan (also known in the Redverse as The Strawberry Supreme), Eric, and Patty from Canadia! If you would like to contribute feedback like they did, be sure to check out our contact methods listed below! We would love to hear from you, and be sure to join us next time for our discussion of “Jacksonville” which will feature guest co-host Danielle (or DillyDilly, as you prefer).

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