We are finally back to the main season 2 storyline in “Grey Matters,” an episode that gives us quite a lot to think about when it comes to Walter, so we are not only excited to be talking about this episode but are also very excited to have Mark joining us as a co-host! This episode (properly) introduces us to Thomas Jerome Newton, arguably the big bad of season 2, and we share some of our thoughts on him, such as how his politeness reminds us a bit of David Robert Jones. We also touch upon our favorite moments from this episode and the wonderful character dynamics that we get, as well as touch upon the color palette of the episode.

You can also expect to hear from regular feedbackers ShelkyBean, Eric, Geoff (xforce11), Rory, and our favorite whacky Canadian – Patty, so if you would like to be a part of the discussion and contribute feedback to the show, please do so via one of the contact methods listed below! We would love to hear from some more Cortexifans! There are also still a few episodes of season 2 open for a co-host opportunity, so if you think that what Mark did with us on this episode sounds fun, hit up the Community Portal and sign up!

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