Get ready as we unleash our discussion of this episode of Fringe! We both agree that, despite its dubious science, this is a decent stand-alone episode, and we, as always, think back to our thoughts when we first saw it and whether or not we feel any differently now. We talk a lot about the character development and growth that we see from Walter and discuss whether his heroic act at the end is truly heroic or just another display of hubris. We also share our thoughts on the little bit of Polivia development that we get here, and we hear from our regular feedback contributors – Geoff (xforce11) and Patty from Canadia, both of whom share their thoughts and feelings about this episode. Remember to hit us up via one of the contact methods listed below if you would like to be a part of the listener feedback section in the future. We would also love to have you as a co-host for an episode, which you can sign up for by visiting the community portal!

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