In this episode of The Child’s Play Rewatch, Cory and Nathan teach their AI a few lessons in life and death as they discuss the 2019 remake “Child’s Play.”


Our Favourite Trivia:

Don Mancini (the creator of the characters and series) is not involved in this film, and has, along with Alex Vincent, Christine Elise, and Jennifer Tilly expressed their disinterest in it.
The original creators of Chucky (and every sequel before this) decided to do a separate limited series to continue the storyline there.

Don Mancini clearly does not like the fact that a Child’s Play remake is being made and he is not alone. Last month, Child’s Play 2 star Christine Elise railed against the Chucky remake, calling it a “d*ck move,” and noting that it was incredibly disrespectful to be making a remake when the franchise is still healthy and moving forward. Elise added that she didn’t consider the remake to be a “real Chucky” movie, which is the stance that several horror fans are taking.

With that being said, the unveiling of the new Chucky received mixed responses online, but many were of the negative variety. However, Don Mancini had the best response to the new look when he posted a meme of pop diva Mariah Carey holding a sign that reads: “I don’t know her.” Mancini also captioned the meme by saying, “This is all I have to say on that subject,” in all capital letters. Point taken.

In July, Mancini told EW that he was offered the opportunity to get an executive producer credit on the reboot, but declined as he was concerned that the new film might “muddy” the brand. The sneak peek photo doesn’t seem to have eased his mind.

To be released the same day as Toy Story 4 (2019), another film about living toys owned by a boy named Andy.

The first Child’s Play film to receive a theatrical release since 2004’s Seed of Chucky(2004) (Part 5), a fifteen year gap. However, Curse of Chucky (2013) (Part 6) and Cult of Chucky (2017) (Part 7) both had a theatrical release during the London Fright Fest, and they also had limited theatrical releases in other countries.

Chucky’s voice actor was revealed on 31 March 2019 to be Mark Hamill. Mark Hamilll previously voiced Chucky in the television series Robot Chicken (2005). The episode: Robot Chicken: Plastic Buffet (2005).

Tom Holland the director of the original, posted on Twitter about Mark Hamill’s casting of Chucky as a, “smart move.”

Actress Aubrey Plaza’s first role as a mother. She stated at Wondercon 2019 that she could relate personally to the character of a young mother, since she herself had a young mother growing up. Her character’s age difference with her son in the film is similar to her age difference with her own actual mother.

The film features narrative material relating to Andy’s father and Karen’s husband, details that were originally omitted from the original 1988 film, which included a deleted scene where Andy Barclay (Played by Alex Vincent) shows a framed picture of his father to Chucky, stating he died in a car crash.

The stand-ins for “Good Guy” dolls in this movie are the “Buddi” dolls. In place of the Play Pals company that manufactured the Chucky Good Guy Dolls is Kaslan Industries, which are manufacturers of the various Buddi dolls: ranging from human dolls to animal dolls, and initially unlike Play Pals did not begin primarily as a toy creative company, but rather an advanced electronics industry: developing advanced robotics such as drones, camera wear and modem software.

Andy Barclay in the film is considerably older, around the early pre-teen bracket as opposed to the original Child’s Play’s Andy (Alex Vincent) who was a six year old child. Andy in the film also bears a handicap in the form of a hearing retainer, displaying the character bears limited hearing.

Maggie Peterson’s death by Chucky in the original 1988 film is paid homage with the death of a character behind two characters, being launched from a height to a car below.

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