In this weeks episode of the Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom get caught in the wind and fight hate with love as they discuss season 4 episode 3& 4, “Hurricane” and “Justice”.


Sam leaps into Sheriff Archie Necaise in the middle of 1969’s Hurricane Camille and is tasked with saving the life of Archie’s girlfriend Cissy. Added to Sam’s troubles however are a group of hurricane partiers who have refused to evacuate.

Sam manages to get Cissy to a safehouse along with other people from the town, most notably one of Cissy’s childhood friends/ex boyfriend, Joe. Joe, a jealous man with a temper, gets angry at seeing Cissy and Archie together and lets out Cissy’s dog Bofus who runs back to his house. Sam volunteers to go get him, preventing Cissy from going out in the storm and hoping that THAT will save her life.

Unfortunately, Lisa, Archie’s obsessive ex-girlfriend has shown up at the safehouse, determined to get Archie back. Sam, with help from Al, manages to find a safe place for the party goers to escape to and forces them from their party with his gun.

Meanwhile, Lisa attacks Cissy and the two fight, with Lisa getting the upper hand as she prepared a killing blow. Sam makes it in just in time and manages to subdue her, preventing her from killing herself as well. After the storm passes and people are free to return home, Sam talks to Cissy and convinces her to go back to school to become a psychologist analyst, which was the final step that allows Sam to finally leap.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Lisa is played by Tracy Kollis. She appeared in Seinfeld as Marlene, George’s ex that Jerry wants to date.

Joe is played by James Morrison. We recognise him as Bill Buchanan from 24, but he also appeared in Twin Peaks season 3 as Warden Dwight Murphy.

The hurricane party guy (Mark LeJeune) is played by Richard Grove. He appeared in Lois and Clark as Colonel Ambrose Cash in the episodes Lord of the Flys & Battleground Earth, where his character steals Kryptonite to kill Lord Nor and uses Superman as bait knowing he’ll be killed, too.

This episodes unsung hero is Bob Hamilton as Archie. This is his only IMDb credit.

WK Stratton can be heard on the radio again, in this episode.

Mr. Deever (the old guy at the shelter) was Bill Erwin. We’ve seen him before in Lois and Clark as Andy Tucker, in the episode Operation Blackout. He was the original copy boy who knew how to run the old printing press, with the shtick that he was hard of hearing.

Kiss with History:

Hurricane Camille was the second-most intense tropical cyclone to strike the United States on record.Camille formed as a tropical depression on August 14 south of Cuba from a long-tracked tropical wave. Located in a favorable environment for strengthening, the storm quickly intensified into a Category 2 hurricane before striking the western part of the nation on August 15. Emerging into the Gulf of Mexico, Camille underwent another period of rapid intensification and became a Category 5 hurricane the next day as it moved northward towards the Louisiana–Mississippi region. Despite weakening slightly on August 17, the hurricane quickly re-intensified back to a Category 5 before it made landfall in Pass Christian, Mississippi early on August 18 with a pressure of 900 mbar (26.58 inHg). This was the second-lowest pressure recorded for a U.S. landfall; only the 1935 Labor Day hurricane had a lower pressure at landfall. As Camille pushed inland, it quickly weakened and was a tropical depression by the time it was over the Ohio Valley. Once it emerged offshore, it was able to restrengthen to a strong tropical storm, before it became extratropical, being absorbed by a cold front over the North Atlantic on August 22.


Sam leaps into Clyde, a newly indicted member of the Ku Klux Klan, there to save the life of an African American man named Nathaniel who will be hung after organizing a protest march. The very idea of what the Klan stands for sickens Sam and he has a very hard time trying to play the part of a racist, but reluctantly does so in order to keep his cover and try and find out how to save Nathaniel.

Along the way he learns that Clyde himself is not actually a racist and had joined the Klan just to keep an eye on them and to try and help the African Americans in town. Sam tries to make small changes, talking with his wife, his housekeeper, his son, even a fellow klansmen, but to little effect.

The Klan eventually learns of Clyde’s betrayal, and they tie him up and go to blow up the church where Ada, Clyde’s housekeeper, is singing with a group of children. Al goes ahead to warn the kids, who can see him, to get out, which they do right before the church explodes. Sam arrives to witness Nathaniel attacking the Klan but is quickly subdued and readied for a hanging. Sam steps up and demands to be hung as well, stating he cannot live in a world dominated by such hate, and urges his son Cody to not follow the example of humanity being set before him.

The grand dragon, Clyde’s father in law, refuses to kill his own son and releases both men. As Sam and Clyde’s wife reunite, along with Nathaniel and his mother, Al informs him that Nathaniel will go on to become the first black mayor in Alabama, and as Sam and Nathaniel hug, he finally leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Tom is played by Dirk Blocker who has had a very long career. Most recently, you may recognise him as Hitchcock on Brooklyn 99.

Nathaniel’s father was played by Lee Weaver. We’ve seen him beofre as Hilton Brown, Remy’s father, in Sliders episode Invasion, and he played a supervisor in the Lois and Clark pilot episode. IMDb also has the wrong Lee Weaver linked in the cast list. It should be THIS Lee Weaver.

This episodes unsung hero is Glenn Edden. Same as the previous episode, this is his only credit.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “Permanent Wave” and “Raped”.


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