In this weeks episode of the Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom learn there’s more to the music than just head banging while running afoul of the law as they discuss season 3 episodes 17 and 18, “Glitter Rock” and “A Hunting We Will Go”.

Glitter Rock:

Sam leaps into Tonic, lead singer of a rock band called King Thunder who is destined to die in the next few days. As Sam tried to figure out who is responsible for Killing Tonic, several suspects come to light: 1, a young fan that Sam keeps seeing at his appearances and shows, 2, Flash, a fellow bandmate whose girlfriend keeps flirting with Sam and who keeps pushing Sam to sing his songs rather than Tonic’s, and 3, their business manager who seems to have mismanaged the band’s finances.

As Sam struggles with learning how to be a crazy rock star on tour dealing with signings, fans, and interviews, the answers don’t become any clearer. Eventually Sam confronts his young fan named Philip who ends up claiming to be his son which Sam can’t verify it but allows him to hang out with the band. Flash threatens Sam after his girlfriend once again throws herself at Sam, while Sam confronts Dwayne about his losing the band’s money with Dwayne promising he will get him his money if he can just have a little time.

After the show, Sam and the band head out to their limo but Philip shouts out a warning and Sam turns to see a fan coming at him with a knife. The Fan is subdued and revealed to be Dwayne, who attempted to kill tonic so he wouldn’t reveal his secret about losing their money. After his arrest, Flash sees a picture of Phillip’s mother and reveals that Tonic could actually be his father because he remembers the woman coming backstage before a concert back in the 50’s and apparently her and Tonic went bingo bango bingo. Sam invites Philip to stay on with the band as a roadie, cementing a base for their relationship and finally leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Flash is played by Jon Gries. He has had many notable roles, including Ben Linus’s Dad in Lost, Lazlo Holyfield from Real Genius and Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite.

One of the other King Thunder band members, Nick, is played by Michael Ceveris. Long time GSM listeners will know him as the original Observer in Fringe. He also recently played the father of Ghost in Antman & The Wasp.

Dwayne is played by Peter Noone from Herman and the Hermits. He’s also had many various movie and TV roles. The song playing when Sam talks to Dwayne in his office is an instrumental version of “Mrs Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter”

This episodes unsung hero is Bruce Michael Paine. He appeared in two other TV show, Married with Children and Tim and Eric Awesome show, Great Job! He was also in the movie RSVP with Jason Mewes. IMDb also list his rock band, Steamhammer. An English blues rock band from Worthing, England, 1968-73. He died in 2009 at 61 yrs old.

You can actually buy King thunder merch over at Red Bubble.

Al’s Five Wives:

Diane bears a striking resemblance to Al’s 5th wife, Maxine. Al met her in a tattoo parlour in Jersey City while she was getting a tattoo on her butt. Al divorced Maxine because he was 99.9% sure she was cheating on him. After the divorce, he found out she wasn’t.

A Hunting We Will Go:

Sam leaps into Gordon O’Reilly, a bounty hunter charged with bringing in Diane Frost who has been accused of embezzling money from her employer. Diane turns out to be quite adept at escaping and causing problems for Sam (as well as previous bounty hunters who tried to bring her in), resulting in Sam getting beaten up several different times and finally thrown off the bus they were on. Al, taken with Diane because she looks like his fifth wife, says that while Ziggy says she is definitely guilty of taking the money, he believes her to be innocent.

Diane eventually reveals to Sam that she only took the money to give it back to the people it came from, including her own mother, claiming that her employer, Rodney Owens, had taken it under false pretenses. Diane manages to escape once again but uses a fake gun to tie up Sam. Sam however escapes and stops her, handing her over to the sheriff and as it turns out, Rodney, who owns the police in this small town. They force Diane to reveal the money’s hiding place and as Rodney is about to shoot her, Sam arrives and attacks him. A fight ensues with Diane leaping in and helping him and they manage to subdue the sheriff and Rodent, leading to their arrests.

The money is sent back to the rightful Owners while Diane decides to turn herself in but luckily the charges will be dropped with the corrupt sheriff and Rodney being prosecuted. Sam.makes a joke about Diane becoming a bounty Hunter herself and she takes it as solid advice, as Al reports she eventually becomes one of the best in the business as Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Diane is played by Jane Sibbet. She played Carol, Ross’s wife in Friends and was also Heddy Newman in Herman’s Head.

The Sheriff is played by Cliff Bemis. We’ve seen him playing Smiling Lawyer in the Lois and Clark episode Whine Whine Whine.

This episodes unsung hero is Ken Kells. He’s had a small handful of minor roles in films like The Rock, Last Boy Scout and The Big Lebowski. He did have a recurring role on the TV serioes Roseanne.

IMDB lists Maxine Elliott Hicks as Edwine. The Quantum Leap Wikia lists Edwine as Diane’s mother but there’s no mention of it in the episode. Edwine is actually the old woman on the bus.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “Last Dance Before An Execution” and “Heart of a Champion”.


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