In this weeks Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom set sail and find lost loves as they discuss the season 2 penultimate and finale episodes “Sea Bride” and “M.I.A.”

Sea Bride:

Sam leaps into Phillip Dumont, a one time husband to Catherine Farrington before their divorce and his sudden disappearance, who has returned to stop her new wedding to Vincent Loggia, a noted gangster, wanting to marry her as well and buy out her father’s shipping business, thus saving their rich way of life. Unfortunately, in the original history Phillip was unable to stop the ceremony and was discovered dead of apparent suicide but after a run in with Vinny, Sam and Al decide it was likely not suicide but rather murder.

Sam engages Catherine in a tango in the dance floor and later on in the swimming pool area so that he can talk with her since she’s been avoiding him ever since she found out he was there. She tells him that she has to marry Vinny even though it is clear she doesn’t love him but wants instead to save her father’s business.

Vinny retaliates against Phillip for his advances towards Catherine and strings him up in the garbage hold before dropping him into the garbage itself and setting it to be dumped out to sea.

Meanwhile, Catherine, thinking Phillip has once again just disappeared, is with Vinny at the altar but suddenly stops the ceremony, unable to go through with it, still thinking about her true love. Sam shows up, having escaped the death trap, and a fight ensues with Vinny being knocked out and Sam getting the girl, and then Leaping out.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

JG Hertzler plays Weathers Farrington in this episode, We’ve seen him before as Trey in L&C’s New Krypton storyline starting in season 4, you can listen to our discussion here. He’s also done a tonne of Star Trek roles as well.

Ralph Bruneau played the head steward with flowers in this episode, he went on to appear as Roy in Seinfeld episode “The Note” where George gets a massage from a man.

Kurt Knudson plays the Captain, and he was Sheriff Hardy in Sliders episode The Chasm where happy people in an amusement park sacrifice themselves to lose all the worst feelings.

This episodes unsung hero is Kent Phillips. This is his only credit on IMDb

We’re pretty sure this episode featured the first mention of Al’s last name, Calavicci. Our friends over at Al’s Place have this thread.

Kiss with History:

The RMS Queen Mary is actually a real ship that is now decommissioned and permanently moored in Long Beach, CA. It’s used as a hotel and museum.

Al’s Five Wives:

We actually meet Al’s first wife, Beth! She’s a naval officer from San Diego. She remarried when Al was declared M.I.A during the Vietnam War.

By the way, we’ve finally started that more practical and visual asset of using a pin board to note what we know about Al and his wives!


Sam leaps into an undercover cop named Jake who’s mission, according to Al, is to save a young woman named Beth from making a terrible mistake: moving on from her MIA husband into the arms of another lover.

Sam attempts to find Beth but it turns out she is already talking with the aforementioned lover, a lawyer named Dirk. Sam intervenes and manges to push Dirk aside, but the whole incident and Sam’s erratic behavior leave Beth feeling upset. He finds her again the next day to apologize and the two strike up a friendship, but not before Beth bumps into Dirk’s mother, earlier in the day, leaving Sam with doubts about his mission, despite Al’s continued protests.

Beth and Dirk once again run into each other at lunch and end up back at her house, talking, when Sam shows up early for their planned date. Dirk leaves while Beth changes for her and Sam’s night, but he happens to see Al’s picture on the mantle, and realized that he isn’t supposed to be there and confronts Al. Al admits that he was Beth’s husband but when he was declared MIA, Beth tried to wait and hold on but it eventually became too hard and she had the military declare him dead, allowing her to move in with her life. Sam is sympathetic but reminds him that they can’t change their own lives, and because he has been attempting to help Beth, he may have missed out on something more important that he ACTUALLY was supposed to be there to change.

Al runs the scenarios and discovers that Sam is actually supposed to save his partner Detective Roger Skaggs’ life. Skaggs and Sam had busted two drug dealers earlier in the leap, but they got out on bail and began looking for revenge, using a woman and her baby as a trap to distract skaggs while they shot him. Sam shows up just in time and saves Skaggs’s life.

However, before Sam can leap, Al gets a chance to say goodbye to Beth, going to her house and despite her not being able to see him, dances with her while she listens to their favorite songs. As Al tries to tell Beth he is coming home, he kisses her and disappears, as outside, Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Tequila is played by Pat Skipper. Sci-fi fans may recognise him as Bill Scully, Dana Scully’s brother in The X Files.

The exterior shots of the San Diego Police Department’s station is footage from the television series Simon & Simon (1981).

Norman Large is Dirk Simon in this episode, he played in Star Trek as Proconsul Neral in the unification of Spock episode. He was also in L&C as a detective in The People Vs Lois Lane. As mentioned in the episode, here are the pictures of Norman Large and Not-Norman Large.
Norman Large
Not-Norman Large
This episodes unsung hero is Doug Bauer. This is his first credit but he works continually with breaks here and there.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “The Leap Home Part 1” and “The Leap Home Part 2”. The Season 3 Premiere!


We give thanks to some dedicated fan sights. For more information on Quantum Leap, please take the time to check out The Quantum Leap Wiki and Al’s Place.

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