Pixar used to be a studio that could bring in some huge profit for Disney, but ever since the pandemic, with some of Pixar’s films going directly to Disney+, and with Pixar’s recent films debuted in theaters being a massive disappointment, Pixar has been a larger discussion recently. With Pixar being big in Blake’s mind, he’s gone ahead and created a list of Pixar’s filmography, for Blake and JJ to battle it out for the best Pixar film draft! Blake and JJ will take turns picking Pixar movies to add to their draft, with them finding the IMDB scores for each film, adding them out, and see who’s draft has the best films according to IMDB! Before battling it out, they also discuss some new devices Blake has bought for film viewing and game playing for upcoming Disney projects, and JJ breaks a new record in the What We’ve Done Disney Lately segment. Now come on and listen in—you’d be surprised at the results of this draft!

What did you think of the draft? Were you able to participate, and if so, how’d you do? Let us know, and connect with us at Mouse House Weekly, we’d love to discuss with you!

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