Reign has come to National City. This World Killer from Krypton seeks justice and vengeance. Supergirl must step up to stop her. But Kara is distracted with Mon-El and Imra. Menwhile Lena and Jimmy grow closer and go after Morgan Edge.


MoS50 - Reign - Sam Ruby

Samatha awakes in her own bed confused and tired. She does not remember her road trip or what she discovered. Ruby keeps her grounded. She is extremely busy at work and tired. It seems like her personality is split. She is the loving mother and sharp leader at L-Corp during the day, but at night she is Reign. She is burning her symbol and marking her territory. She is taking out criminals and gangs. The things that Samatha detests, Reign eliminates. Ruby just wants time with her mom and Samantha gives it. They celebrate Christmas Eve and Sam gives Ruby a Supergirl necklace. But we are left wondering how long it will take before Reign overtakes Sam.

Supergirl calls her out and Reign answers.  They begin to fight and interrupt an office Christmas party and the shoppers on the street. They go toe to toe, but Reign has the upper hand since Kara wants to protect people. Reign throws a beaten and bloody Supergirl off the roof. We leave Kara unconscious and injured at street level. Ruby awakes Christmas morning to a big surprise. Mom’s not home but Reign is!

Will Love Reign For Lena and Jimmy:

MoS50 - Reign - Lena Jimmy

Lena and Jimmy are eyeing each other across the room at Kara’s Christmas party and everyone is encouraging them to go for it. Lena has some hang ups about it, since she is his boss. When the symbols start appearing across the city, they both assume it is Morgan Edge’s doing. They confront him, but he knows nothing about it. They still don’t trust him.  Following up on leads gets them into gang territory. They are attacked but James, She can call me Jimmy, Olsen stealth-fully saves her. It seems Guardian has become her bodyguard. They share a drink, a small kiss and then a big one back at Catco. But their first date is interrupted  by the Supergirl Reign fight.

Reign of Distraction for Kara:

MoS50 - Reign - Group

Kara is struggling. Mon-El (Chris Wood) and wife Imra (Amy Jackson) are perfect together and it is ripping Kara’s heart out. Both Mon-El and Imra try to talk with Kara one on one, but it does not help. Kara says they are three people stuck in a crappy situation and only 2 people will be happy. Looking to escape relationship issues, she throws herself into learning about this Kryptonian. The Kryptoina database (with her mother as the interface) is no help. Cult leader, Thomas Coville, calls her and tells her about the old gods and the lore of the god killer. The Kryptonian devil who would Reign unless stopped. He says that is Kara’s purpose. Kara decides to call out Reign and Alex tells her not to be human. But be an alien to fight Reign. The relationship drama, Kryptonian lore and fear of people being hurt all distract Kara and lead to her fall.

Closing Thoughts:

Reign was the victor this week. Kara is in a coma, Samantha’s personality has been overpowered, and our heroes are left wondering what is next. I enjoyed the episode, but to me Reign sees less of a threat than Kara’s Earth-X self. It is hard to see her getting beaten by Reign after the events of the crossover. But I have to put the crossover aside and forget it and sink into this story line. It was good because it set things up for the rest of the season and did it in cool ways. It will be interesting to see how Kara and Lena react, when they find out who Reign is in reality. Can Kara really get out of the relationship funk long enough to let the Legion help her defeat Reign? We will see come January.

Cougar’s Comic Corner:

This week: Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow by Mark Waid 

MoS50 - Reign - CCC
LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: THE BEGINNING OF TOMORROW chronicles the most recent origin of the 30th Century’s greatest teenage heroes. When Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, and Live Wire meet while rescuing the world’s wealthiest man, the trio of super-powered teens decides to form a group of tomorrow’s greatest super-heroes. Bankrolled by their rich benefactor, the youths recruit an assortment of teenaged heroes from the many different worlds of the future and form the Legion of Super-Heroes. Now acting as a patrol force of peace and justice, the adolescent adventurers protect the universe from all threats of evil and destruction.

Get it from Comixology or Amazon.


Supergirl returns Monday January 15th! For a few weeks and then yields it’s slot to Legends of Tomorrow. Then we will be back in the spring. We look forward to the new adventures in the new year.


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