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Welcome back to the Maid of Steel Podcast! We are a podcast dedicated to the CBS television series Supergirl and this week, I (Emilee) am joined by XForce-11 (Geoff) to discuss Season 1 Episode 15 “Solitude”, which originally aired on February 29, 2016. This episode featured the DC Comics villain Brianiac 8, a.k.a. Indigo, portrayed by Smallville alum Laura Vandervoort.

The Peroxide Avenger

I will never tire of Cat’s one-liners. Although many listeners and fans have expressed their dislike of Cat Grant (whom we affectionately dub Alley Cat thanks to a Feedbacker), she always brings something new to a dynamic that could very easily be found cliche. She might not hold the mantle of naming villains to the same level of honor that our beloved Cisco might, she can sure whip ’em out when she has them!
Laura Vandervoort as Indigo was interesting to me. I didn’t dislike the choice, I just always find it interesting that females from “alien species” are sexualized in the “same way” as human women are. Indigo hails from a species that ran day-to-day operations on Krypton as super computers, and yet she has all the femininity and swagger that Livewire had.

I get it, though; often what makes villains so villainous is their inability to identify with their own race. Having a personality or a desire to obtain free will could significantly set Indigo apart from others of her kind. This is why I am hoping that Karen will recommend a Brianiac 8/Indigo comic to read, so that I could understand why they represented her in this way.

Also, was it not interesting that the only time Indigo appeared as the Peroxide Avenger was while she was on a screen? When she was in a physical, 3D form she was the indigo villain… but appearing to CatCo and appearing on Winn’s screen, she was the bleach-blonde Laura.

Forgiving Family

sg-115-talking-and-donutsAs I mention in the podcast, it’s easier for me to forgive family than friends (usually). And that’s not to say I have an easy time forgiving, I actually think that true forgiveness is something I significantly struggle with. Particularly in the last decade, I’ve seen all too well how friends come and go, but family is always around. And I have a very tight-knit family. I think what becoming better at forgiving family has done for me is to train my heart in understanding how forgiveness can aide in my own healing. It’s not easy to forgive, but there are significant hurdles I can overcome by choosing to forgive.

The drama that played out between Kara-Alex-Hank over the last couple episodes concerning the true hand by which Astra fell was keenly refined. They allowed Alex to stew for a while, they allowed Kara to be angry for a while, and they allowed Hank to truly adopt the sacrificial father persona. sg-115-the-fam-bamBut because Alex has a good heart, the reveal of her secret wasn’t so much as to relieve Hank of the burden as it was to relieve herself. That is a heavy secret to carry, one that would only gain weight as the days/weeks/months/years passed. There was so much I loved about the final scene between the three of them, but I think the screencap I included here says everything I love about this show.

Random Thoughts

There’s no over-arching theme to these final observations, and I just wanted to throw out screencaps.

The Fortress of Solitude!!
The sign of my people.
The Legion Ring!!
Take It Off: We finally get a scene where Kara reveals what’s really beneath that blouse… But still, where does she keep the skirt??

Next Week

NOT next week! We have to wait until March 14 to get Episode 16 “Falling”. There’s no promo available yet, but keep an eye out!

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest

I will be in Chicago for Heroes & Villains Fan Fest next weekend, March 12-13. If you are in the area or planning on attending, please please hit me up! I’ll be watching Twitter all weekend: @fauxmeonce.

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